Divination Forecast for Your Year

Are you wondering what the upcoming year has in store for you? With the divination forecast you can get a jump on the year ahead and receive valuable information to help you make plans, achieve your goals, avoid pitfalls, and more. In this comprehensive forecast which utilizes multiple divination systems you will receive a compendium of wisdom and guidance. Elements of this forecast include:

  1. A PDF of the entire forecast emailed to you, and a follow up phone call or in person meeting to go over your forecast for the year.
  2. The forecast will include details of your biggest spiritual lesson for the year, along with the unique strengths it brings which you can use to your advantage, and obstacles you may face repeatedly, which, being aware of, will help you navigate.
  3. A breakdown forecast for each month of the year. You’ll see what you need to be aware of and what opportunities may arise out of each month.
  4. A forecast for love, work, spiritual growth and finance.
  5. A breakdown of when it would be best for you to engage in endeavors that are important to you, when it would be best to rest, when you’re luckiest, when to start long term projects, when to avoid certain endeavors personally and professionally, and more.

What I need from you:

Your birthdate (month/day/year)

What you hope for out of the year in areas of love, work, finances, and spirituality (if you’re not interested in spirituality, we can look at fulfillment in general).

The yearly forecast is of limited availability. I’m only offering 10 of these readings through January 15th of each year, and all of these readings will be completed by February 1st (at the latest. Usually it takes 1-5 days from when you order to receive your forecast). It is best to get yours early so you have it in time for the new year. You’ll receive your forecast in PDF format in your email. It will be an excellent reference packet full of of predictions and advice for you.

Divination Forecast is currently open for 2019.

Yearly Tarot Forecast


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