Wedding and Commitment Ceremonies

Whether you’re looking for a cut and try traditional ceremony, or you’d like to write your own vows or customize your ceremony with handfasting ritual or any number of ways that will make the ceremony uniquely yours as a couple, I am at your service. Let me design your ceremony according to your specifications.

When you choose me to design and officiate your wedding, you can expect the following:

  • A “get to know you” meeting where we will get to know each other and I will learn what you want out of the ceremony
  • Three planning sessions in person or via email where I design the ceremony according to your needs and wishes and follow up with you for your approval
  • The ceremony rehearsal
  • The actual ceremony,
  • Submitting your marriage license after the ceremony to the local government.

I am ordained and licensed in MN, and I perform nondenominational, secular, atheist, and pagan weddings/commitment ceremonies. LGBTQIA couples welcomed and embraced, along with all others. As a solitary witch I am not affiliated with any specific church in MN.

Vow Renewals

Let’s plan your vow renewal ceremony and celebrate your enduring love! Vow renewal ceremonies include all the same benefits as the wedding ceremony (except for the submitting of the marriage license). We will meet to determine what you’re looking for out of the ceremony, which I will then design according to your specifications.


Whether you’re looking to plan a simple, short and sweet ceremony or you just got your marriage license and want to be married ASAP, you can contact me to perform your elopement. Make sure you have two witnesses lined up to sign the certificate!

Price List:

Weddings/Commitment Ceremonies: $300

Vow Renewals and Elopements: $200

Next Steps:

Once you’ve decided you’d like to work with me (and yes of course we can meet in person before you decide), I take payment up front for all ministry services in the form of cash or credit. You can also use the paypal buttons below to to pay.  You can utilize the contact form to schedule your first meeting with me, or email me at





Vow Renewal