“I had a reading with Jess the other day, it was wonderful. I inquired about a specific relationship and change happening in my life. Jess relays the messages in a concise, clear manner, allowing them to flow through her. The reading helped me to know I was on the right path following my intuition, and shed light to the issues of why I’m dealing with or feeling particular things regarding this situation. I highly recommend Jessica.”-Sophia Gold, Minnesota

“Jess was professional and informative, and I received valuable insight that I plan on using to continue to improve myself. I will definitely get another reading!”- Christian Harrison, Minnesota

“The reading I was given was amazing and definitely gave me a lot of hope for my future and what I need to do to get further in my life, for the dream that I wanna live. Thank you so very much. I highly recommend this reader! Will probably make her my go to Tarot Reader in the future!!! Please, if you have any questions at all wondering if she is legit well she really really is!!! So intuitive and gave in depth meanings for what the cards meant. And even sent pictures to what they were. Thank you again and I hope you stay blessed, Miss Jessica <3” –Kate Richards, New York 

“Jess is amazing. I loved my first reading with her, it was very enlightening and she is incredibly warm, genuine and caring. During the reading, it feels as if you’ve known Jess your whole life. I’d been struggling with my nervousness and anxiety over my future; getting into the next school that I wanted after my Bachelor’s degree. Jess helped me narrow down what I wanted to ask, and not only specifically asked about the program itself, but gave me a wide variety of beneficial advice. You can tell Jess really knows her cards and is very passionate about reading and guiding. Getting a reading with Jess really helps you to be aware of the path you are choosing. I cannot emphasize enough how much the weight was lifted off of my shoulders after her reading. I would definitely go to Jess again for more readings during times when I need a little clarity or advice!” –Makayla Anfinson, Minnesota

“My work with Jess has always been stellar!” -Larry Perleberg, Minnesota 

“Jess is an amazing tarot reader. Her patience is validating and demonstrates true compassion. In sharing her gift, she is helping people to listen to the voices that are often ignored. Anyone that considers a reading from Jess, know that you are working with someone that truly takes their craft seriously, and will take whatever answers you are seeking just as seriously. She puts significant effort into building a relationship with the cards, and the person she is reading
them for.” -Maleigha Myers, Oregon 



House Cleansing & Blessing Testimonials

“Just all I have to say is thank you! You were both absolutely FANTASTIC! Incredibly professional and just kind in general. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!” – Hayley Olsen

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