Midnight with the Faeries

I've been watching the Twin Peaks Sequel, which is both compelling and terrifying and contributing to my already erratic sleep schedule. But tonight (tomorrow by the time anyone reads this), I couldn't fall asleep because of an intense and distant longing in my heart.  I lay in bed thinking about the sensitivities and idealism long… Continue reading Midnight with the Faeries


Reading Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

I recently purchased tea leaf fortune cards, which is a set of 200 cards with different symbols found in traditional tea leaf readings. The types of readings you can do with these cards is limited, but true to my nature I did all of them in one night.  Because that's super healthy.  Anyway, they're more… Continue reading Reading Tea Leaf Fortune Cards


Swimming with the Current

Welcome to part two of four in this series on self-care in the minor arcana. By the end of this series we'll have 40 self-love prompts for different aspects of your being. You can view part one here. We're looking at the suit of Cups today, which deals with the ways we can better care for… Continue reading Swimming with the Current


Stoking the Fire Within

Let's take a little walk through the Minor Arcana and consider the messages of self-care enclosed within. There will be four parts to this series, one part for each suit of the minor arcana, amounting in 40 self-care prompts for different aspects of your being. You could even call it a 40 day self-love challenge.… Continue reading Stoking the Fire Within


Connecting Tarot with Music: The Moon

I'd never looked out the window while flying into the sunset and evening time until last night while we flew into Minneapolis from California. I watched as the city of Minneapolis first appeared like gold glitter scattered across a sea of black in a man-made constellation of beauty. As the plane descended colors became clearer,… Continue reading Connecting Tarot with Music: The Moon

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Week of August 15, 2016 Oracle Card ReadingĀ 

This week's reading has an overarching theme of trusting your higher power. I pulled a card for the beginning, middle, and end of the week to see what message Goddess has for us to bear in mind as we go about our lives. I'm using The Wisdom of Avalon oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid. The… Continue reading Week of August 15, 2016 Oracle Card ReadingĀ