Beltane: The Witch’s Great Sabbat

I don’t write often about Sabbats or particularly neopagan holidays because I don’t really celebrate them as is common, and I don’t follow a standard Wheel of the Year. I could go the rest of my life without hearing about how Easter was originally a pagan festival called Ostara (no it’s not) or how Christmas… Continue reading Beltane: The Witch’s Great Sabbat


Saints and Witchcraft: The Patron Saints of Witches

Many witches don’t want there to be any cross-over between their witchcraft practice and mainstream religion such as Catholicism (and vice versa), so they avoid working with Saints entirely and shy away from these powerful spiritual allies. When it comes to working with Saints, though, there’s really no need to be concerned with religious overlap… Continue reading Saints and Witchcraft: The Patron Saints of Witches

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Working with Saints and Other Spirits

Petitioning saints for help is an oft-overlooked way to get things to things you need. I grew up in a Catholic household so the concept of intercessory prayer is natural to me. Our ancestors are the spirits who are most invested in our lives and wellbeing and they will do much for us when we… Continue reading Working with Saints and Other Spirits