Are You Leaking Energy?

There have been innumerable times that either I or someone I know has complained about a lack of energy, and it's telling when that complaint occurs on a regular basis. Many things affect our energy levels, most notably on the physical level is diet and exercise. Every body is different and responds differently to sustenance… Continue reading Are You Leaking Energy?


Staying Grounded

This is part four of the series on self-care through the Minor Arcana, with tips and prompts to increase your sense of well-being and personal growth. The element of earth is stable, reliable, solid, strong, and grounded. In the tarot, it's represented by the suit of Pentacles, and deals with our physical reality, body, finances,… Continue reading Staying Grounded


Light as a FeatherĀ 

Continuing the journey of self-care through the minor arcana, we come to the suit of swords. Swords represent the element of air and have to do with our thoughts. Presence and mindfulness to the way we think about ourselves is arguably one of the most difficult forms of self-care, nevertheless, below are some prompts to… Continue reading Light as a FeatherĀ 

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What is Self-Love?

As a tarot reader, one of the most prominent topics clients ask about is relationships, especially romantic relationships and prospects. We all want some measure of certainty, some idea of where we are headed in terms of romantic love. It's not often that we think of our relationship to ourselves as a prerequisite for the… Continue reading What is Self-Love?