Love Your Spirits

This article was originally written for and published in Witch Way Magazine -another publication for which I write. 

February is the month when we celebrate all forms of love, from the romantic to the friendly, from the familial to the spiritual. I find this to be a time to express gratitude and give little gifts to the people and spirits who make my life better. When working with spirits it’s not uncommon to develop strong bonds.There are some special things you can do this month to honor your spiritual friends, whether they are the underground fey folk, animal spirits, spirits of passed loved ones, or other entities.

Often our passed loved ones will visit us in our dreams. One way to connect with and honor them is to actually invite them to visit you in your dreams. You can brew a cup of mugwort tea and set the intention that you are open to your passed loved one coming to visit to commune with you during your dreamtime. It can be a lovely, no pressure way to connect if they are interested in coming around to chat. Don’t be offended if they don’t stop by- after all, they’ve got lives to live too!

Set up an altar that honors your animal guides. Choose candles that reflect their coloring, items that reflect their unique personalities, incense that you associate with them. Write them a note of gratitude with a food offering that is appropriate to them (seeds for birds, for example) and leave your altar up over Valentine’s day.

Enter a deep meditation to connect with faery friends out in nature in a “between” time (like twilight) and leave an offering under an oak tree of fresh cut flowers, or a beautiful stone. If February is usually bitter cold and filled with snow like it is where I live, you could build a faery house instead. Use a mini terra cotta planter and make a faery home that fits your unique faery friends.

My rules of thumb for honoring the special connection between me and the many spirits that grace my life are love and thoughtfulness. A little extra effort to show that you appreciate someone (in whatever form they are in) goes a long way in growing and strengthening the bond.

Wolf Moon Tarot Reading 2018

The full moon occurs on January 1st in the sign of cancer. Clear your mind, make a wish, and fall in love! For the Wolf Moon and first full moon tarot reading for January, I am using the Prisma Visions Tarot to share with you a message from the spirit realm. Our cards for this reading are the King of Swords, Nine of Chalices, and The Lovers.

We see here a progression: clarity of mind, followed by gratitude and hope, resulting in an exuberant love for life and a shedding of inhibition.

Well, there is no space for muddled thinking this full moon. Clear the air of your mind and let your thoughts transform like water in its many states, becoming clearer with each change. The King of Swords is regal with this nest of swans- more than a little aware of his ability to manifest and change things through the power of his thoughts and words. He encourages you to recognize that power within yourself and to behold your own life with a new clarity, and then proceed from there.

If ever there were a magical time, this full moon is it. Make a wish and enjoy with gratitude the abundance all around and within you. The Nine of Chalices shows a person relaxing and enjoying the natural world. Feel that true contentedness within yourself. Enjoy the moment and count all that you have accomplished, all the ways you have grown over the past year, and all that you are now as a result of living your life thus far. Keep your heart open for what is to come in this new year.

Romance is at hand and not just the romance between lovers, but the romance of life. Engage in your emotions, let others see your true self. The Lovers depict dancers in masks, uninhibited in their self-expression. Let this scene become you. Express yourself: your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your needs, wants, desires. In the world of faery there is the logic that sometimes you have to put on a mask first in order to reveal your truth, then take off your mask to inhabit your truth. The question becomes: what will it take for you to feel free? Break down barriers and throw yourself into life with all that you are. There is still so much to experience!

Brightest Blessings & A Happy New Year🌙✨

Gratitude for 2017

2017 is winding down, and what a year it has been. True to form, this year has seen many rapid, unexpected and fateful changes on a global level. Victories and defeats. It was truly a Wheel of Fortune year (according to tarot) and we influenced our own luck by how we handled the things with which we were presented. This has been a year where it’s been easy to feel out of control because of what has been happening in our world around us. Did we learn that we get to control how we respond, and to look for solutions instead of covering ourselves in ashes and wailing?

2017 was for me personally, the year of The Hermit. On a macro level my life has been influenced by the Wheel of Fortune energy, on a micro, or personal level my being and growth has been influenced by Hermit energy.

I’m an introvert by nature, so lessons of solitude weren’t the focus, though I have indeed spent quite a bit of time alone this year combing through my subconscious. No, this year, my lessons had more to do with living according to my inner wisdom above the ruckus of the world’s opinions.

It was a year of developing greater inner strength, of remaining impartial and holding up a light for others, and it was a year filled with much confusion and turmoil (along with some really fantastic times), as I did my best to listen to my inner wisdom and follow it.

I’m grateful for the difficult lessons because they have shaped me for the better, bringing about a stronger resolve and prying my metaphorical hands off of viewpoints and opinions and ways of being that weren’t conducive to my growth or highest good. As Mary Oliver wrote:

“someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.”

That sums up my year pretty well.

Some of the things I learned this year:

  • Other peoples’ opinions of me are none of my business. Much as I might have wished I fully believed that in the past, now I finally do.
  • Creating a sacred space at home is worthy work. Everyone who came into my home this year told me they felt immediately grounded, safe, and at ease. Being able to provide a haven for others has been one of the greatest gifts this year.
  • Generosity of spirit is a welcoming beacon.
  • I can collaborate with others without compromising myself or my integrity. It just takes finding the right people to collaborate with. This one was a difficult lesson indeed. I am more apt to entirely avoid collaboration because group projects have never been kind to me.
  • It’s possible to be both spiritual and petty. We can’t slice ourselves into pieces and then call ourselves whole. The light and the darkness must coexist for a true sense of unity.
  • It may be a good use of my gifts to begin teaching courses.

I’m very grateful for these lessons. Other things I’m super grateful for from this year are as follows:

  • Cats! Snow! Summer nights!
  • Full moon celebrations
  • Diversity in friendship
  • Meeting one of my pen pals of 18 years
  • Seeing San Diego
  • Traveling
  • Game nights with friends
  • The Rochester community
  • The tarot community
  • All the people I’ve met
  • All the clients I’ve given readings and have had the privilege to get to know
  • Officiating a wedding for two people who had to struggle against the world to finally be married to each other
  • Soulmates
  • Books
  • Small Kindnesses
  • Beauty
  • Reconciliations
  • Healing
  • Sleeping in
  • Magic

I had the privilege of reading tarot at the Kutzky Pop-up market, the Olmsted County Fair, the UU Handcrafted Bazaar, and the Healer’s Holiday Open House, among other events. Hosting my Grand Opening at Café Steam was total blast! Being on the Faith Talk Show was so much fun!

It has been a year of growth for me and for Owl in the Oak Tarot. I’m excited to continue to serve the Rochester community (and those who live outside of MN who I have the privilege of reading tarot for) and to see what the new year brings.

Thank you to everyone who has been in my life in big and small ways. Thank you to all who have been instrumental in my growth, and who have allowed me to be instrumental in yours. Thank you for being you!


P.S. If you would like to know what tarot card represents your personal year for 2018, and if you’d like a forecast to help you navigate the year ahead, click here.

Yuletide Celebrations

What a year it’s been! I’m already reflecting on everything that has happened and all the wonderful people I’ve met and gotten to know better. There’s so much to be grateful for, and as of now I’m also still holding out hope for a real snowfall in the next two days. Meanwhile, tomorrow is the Winter Solstice, or Yule. This is the holiday I observe for spiritual reasons, and there are many ways I celebrate.

One of the things I decided to do this year was the advent wreath. Advent simple means “arrival” and in my case, this would be the arrival of the sun. After the longest night of the year the sun is reborn and the days begin to grow longer again. So I will light all my advent candles tomorrow (I have been lighting one every Sunday for the past four weeks) as a symbol of hope for the light’s return in all its forms. Especially the light of peace in the world.

I gave handmade witch ball ornaments to a few friends and colleagues this year. They can be programmed for any purpose and it’s important to choose ingredients that match your intention. The ones I gave away were for prosperity or faery blessings.

My boyfriend and I will also exchange gifts tomorrow, and I’m making a bacon-red pepper-asparagus strata (which I love for the Yuletide color correspondence of red/green veggies) in the morning and a roast in the evening. Friends will stop by throughout the day, we’ll watch holiday movies and chat and probably do a puzzle. I’ll light some incense pertinent to the holiday (in my case, frankincense) and snuggle up with tea and hot cocoa throughout the day.

Magical work that focuses on transformation, renewal, or divination is especially potent during the Winter Solstice. You could do a simple fire ceremony or candle magic during this day.

If you’re looking to celebrate Yule and enjoy incorporating many natural elements, or are looking to do something a little out of the ordinary, here are some different correspondences you can use to add depth to your celebrations and/or magic work:

Yule Incense/scents

  • Frankincense
  • Cedar
  • Rosemary
  • Evergreen
  • Bay
  • Bayberry
  • Chamomile
  • Holly
  • Juniper
  • Mistletoe
  • Sage
  • Myrrh


  • Gold
  • Green
  • Red
  • Silver
  • White


  • Bear
  • Deer
  • Pig
  • Squirrel
  • Owl
  • Wren
  • Eagle


  • Ruby
  • Garnet
  • Bloodstone

Yuletide Blessings to You! 💚❤️🎄❄️✨

When You’re Too Tired

The days continue to get shorter, eclipsing the few days of bare sunshine with a cold blanket of stars backlighting the naked trees. There’s something comforting about the black night sky after endless grey days, days that can make us feel a compounding sense of tiredness, loneliness, and sadness. I breathe a little easier when the world quiets down into black and the brisk air fills my lungs. When the world sleeps the pressure is off of all of us.

I myself have felt especially tired with the seasonal change. I expected it in a way, since this is the time of year when so much of the natural world prepares to sleep. There seems to be a communal sense of tiredness, though. It’s bone-deep, and it can feel alarming and debilitating at the same time.


This is a soul call to silence and celebration.

This is an internal prompt for reflection.

Consider: why do we pressure ourselves to constantly perform and produce?

Everything in nature ebbs as well as flows, rests as well as works. What is your natural rhythm hidden under all this outward production? What would happen if you let your natural rhythm be what drives you?

Maybe it’s not a bad thing that you don’t feel like forcing your winter energy to match your summer energy. Maybe, this is the time to pare down the projects and tasks, the time to simplify in order to conserve. Maybe it’s time to replace some of those obligatory meetings and activities with a night out with friends, dinner and drinks, and staying in to feed your soul with a good book or some hot tea by the fire (or just curled up in your favorite comfortable spot).

Maybe it’s time to spend less energy consuming social media. Maybe your heart and brain need a break from the endless barrage of opinions and marketing and terrible news. I have had the thought for some time now that many are too tired to go out and socialize face to face because they spend their social energy online. So, what if you spent more time face to face with people you love being around instead expending it online?

What if you focused on your needs and built your life out from there?

Perhaps this deep exhaustion comes from too many shoulds and not enough wants to and loves to. Perhaps it’s calling us to consider what would make us feel more fulfilled, what we would really like to do with our time, and how we can have more fun to lighten our hearts.

It may be uncomfortable, but it is a sign post telling us that something needs to change.

What is your heart calling for from you?

November 2017 New Moon Tarot Reading

The new moon in Scorpio occurs at 6:43AM tomorrow, bringing up deep emotions and shining a light on relationships, needs, and goals. For this month’s new moon tarot reading, I’m using the Joie de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy.

If you have any lingering disappointments about opportunities or relationships that didn’t pan out, take some time to work through your grief. When you’re ready you’ll see that there are still so many good things waiting for you to turn around and recognize them. It’s also an important time to address attitudes about what you don’t have. Too much focus on what you wish you had but didn’t, or did have but lost, blinds you to the many wonderful aspects of your life and all that you *do* have. You can correct this view by listing off what you’re grateful for on a regular basis, and soon enough you’ll see that things to be grateful for continue to come into your life as a steady stream.

This new moon is also an auspicious time for partnerships of all kinds. Whether you’re thinking about committing romantically or in business, the right people will present themselves. Take the time to make sure that any new partner will be a good and balanced fit. This is a time to step it up and not accept unbalanced relationships in your life.

Take some time to have some fun as well: maybe go out with friends or have a day just for you. Set some new goals in motion or take the next steps toward goals you’re working toward. Make sure the people you surround yourself with are supportive and want to see you succeed. You need people in your life who will celebrate your success and encourage you to go after what you want. Nurture those relationships.

Bright Blessings! 🔮🖤🌑🌜

November Oracle

We have officially moved into the dark half of the year, and the moon comes full on November 4th. The rest of the autumn and winter season will bring a heaviness that requires you to rest more. Give in to your need to rest. Go within and listen to what is happening within your heart and soul. This is a time to regroup and replenish. Let yourself have the peace and relaxation you need.

This month is also a good time to take a true look at your life and the path you are on. Where have you been fooling yourself? In what ways have you been avoiding the big issues? It’s time to come face to face with these things so that you can work through them and move on, no matter what that looks like or what it means.

This is also a fabulous month for natural magic. Although you will need rest and time to replenish yourself, and will have much to work through, you may find that things are manifesting easier for you than in the past. The more you are honest with yourself and live out of your honesty, the more you will see things easily falling into place. The important thing is to let it flow and to not get in the way of what’s happening. Be grateful, and let it unfold. The weather may be getting colder, but you still need to take time to connect with nature. You could pot some succulents to keep inside (there are some that prefer shade as well if you don’t have an a available sunny window), and you could also put up some bird feeders to attract more wildlife into your yard.

There’s no room for cutting corners when it comes to your work and any of your goals this month. If you want to create something of lasting value in your life, you need to plan for it and then take the time to execute your plan with patience. In all areas of your life you may recognize that your absolute best is demanded of you. This is a good thing, because it reminds you of your responsibility for the quality of your life. Whatever creative projects have been on the back burner would do well if you began them this month.

 Overall, there is the energy present for you to embrace a deeper confidence which will give you the joy and inspiration you need to move forward, and the work ethic to make your dreams and goals manifest.

Bright Blessings 🖤
Full Moon November 4th. 

New Moon November 18th

November 2017 Full Moon Tarot Reading

The Taurus full moon is upon us, and as is customary I have pulled cards to deliver to you a full moon message. This month I am using the Paulina Tarot by Paulina Cassidy. 

The cards I pulled for this occasion are The Hierophant, King of Pentacles, and The Chariot

The Hierophant implores you to seek wisdom and knowledge, and also to share the wisdom and knowledge that you have gained over the years. We are each of us both teacher and student. You can open yourself to divine guidance and wisdom at any time. If you need help, ask for it. If something is bothering you, talk to someone who can help. The Hierophant also asks, what grounds you? What is your foundation? What have you built your life upon, and how easily can you be uprooted? How well does what you value truly sustain you? 

The King of Pentacles nudges you to treat yourself. It is all too easy to fall into a miserly mindset both with ourselves and with others, even though a generous spirit gives and receives equally in joy. In honor of the Taurus moon it would benefit you to consider how you could make your life more comfortable in a physical way (Pentacles is related to the element of earth, so in a sense, the King of Pentacles is king of earthiness and sensuality). Pay more attention to your body, how you move, how you eat, whether or not what you wear makes you feel good, etc, and make changes where necessary. You are reminded that this life, this earth, this body is a gift and to make use of your senses, to delight in the bounty before you. 

The Chariot asks you to recognize the ways in which your desires and actions are at war. How can you shift the balance in your life so that you honor yourself while also doing right by others? It’s all too easy to get caught up in either end of the spectrum: people pleasing or complete selfishness. Fill your needs, but don’t forget to do what you can for others as well. The Chariot also sends the message that, if you’ve been going through a rough time lately, your determination will see you through. 

Bright Blessings! 🖤🔮🌝✨

Divining For Lost Objects 

Lenormand is a fabulous oracle system to use when trying to find lost objects. With Lenormand, the more precise the question, the clearer the answer. This is paramount. Below is an example of how I used Lenormand to find something.  

Last week I lost two bracelets that were very dear to my heart- one I bought in Hawaii and one I received as a gift from my long-time penpal when we were kids. After reading for clients I was home and getting ready to wash dishes. I took my bracelets off, and then a little later I took off my rings. After I did the dishes I couldn’t find my bracelets anywhere but my rings were in the pouch of the hoodie I had changed into before doing housework. 

I checked everywhere, even the garbage in case I absentmindedly threw them away! But no luck! So tonight I pulled cards and asked three separate, clear questions. 

First: are my two bracelets in the house?

Crossroads + Dog = yes 

(Crossroads = two bracelets, Dog = loyal, nearby, and is a positive card which means yes). 

Second: What room are my bracelets in?

Book + Heart + Coffin

Hidden (Book)  in our bedroom (Heart + Coffin = where me and my boyfriend sleep). 

Third: Where in our bedroom are the bracelets hidden?

Garden + Anchor

Deep (Anchor) in a community area (Garden). 

This would be our closet. 

So, I went through the laundry basket, then recalled that I was wearing a different top with pockets the day of the reading. I checked the pockets of the top and there the bracelets were! I must have taken the bracelets off before I changed clothes when I got home, put them in a pocket, and forgot about them.  
Crazy! But I’m so happy I didn’t throw them in the trash or lose them for good! 

(The Lenormand deck pictured here is the Gilded Reverie by Ciro Marchetti). 

From Samhain to Halloween: The Witch’s New Year

This article was originally published in the October issue of Moon Glow, which you can access here

October 31st marks Halloween, otherwise known as Samhain and the Third Harvest. Most people in America today celebrate Halloween as a secular holiday, with a nod to it’s ancient origins in ghost and ghoulish décor and dress. Samhain is the Celtic New Year originating in Ireland, marking the beginning of the dark half of the year or winter months. This is a time when the veil between our physical world and the spiritual world is thinnest, when ghosts and spirits and other spiritual beings come out to feast and to play. It was customary to light a candle and leave it in your window to help guide your ancestors and benevolent spirits home. People dressed as ghosts and wore scary masks in order to blend in with malevolent spirits and therefore pass the night unscathed. It was common to go to bed early, for even though ancestral spirits were generally benevolent, it was still best to not interact with them. An offering of food was left for the spirits, celebrated today as a Dumb Supper. It is a feast in silence with a portion left for the spirits to obtain their favor and avoid their wrath or bad luck. It’s been postulated that this is where the tradition of trick or treating came from, with children dressing up as ghosts and ghouls and going door to door for an offering of candy (or other foods before candy), and if you don’t have the offering, you receive a trick for the lack of treat!

There was much fear and magic associated with this celebration, as this day marks the descent of the sun into the underworld. Any boundaries or “in between” places were considered dangerous places where you could meet a ghost or the god of the dead. Bridges were avoided, as were graveyards and property boundaries. Boundaries and “in between” places are symbolic of the space between worlds- the spiritual and physical. This half of the year extends from October 31st through the entire winter season. Even the Winter Solstice and Christmas, with the celebrations we enjoy lightheartedly, have their roots in darkness. The sun is essential for life, and winter brings with it much uncertainty and the decay and death of vegetation. Winter fires for individual hearths were lit at this time from a communal fire. The fire in the hearth was never put out during the winter months.

Today, October 31st – November 1st is celebrated among many witches as the Witch’s New Year. We follow the Wheel of the Year and the cycles of nature, celebrating the natural rhythms of life and death. This is a potent day for magic and divination practices, such as tarot readings, oracle readings, runes, or any other form of divination to discover hidden truths and gain guidance. This is also a time where we set out an altar that honors our loved ones who have passed, with photos of them and other memorabilia. I like to leave an offering of a favorite food as well. For my grandpa on my mother’s side, I leave molasses cookies, which I associate very fondly with him. Observing the Feast of the Dead is as way to honor the spirits. It’s also traditional to share some food with the less fortunate, as the physical offering of food for the dead is not eaten by them (it is believed that they consume the spiritual nutrients of the food), but is rather a symbol of good will that should extend to the living.

October 2017 Full Moon Oracle Reading

The full moon on Thursday, October 5th is in the sign of Aries. We are also in the month of Libra. Aries is a go-getter and Libra is a planner, so this is a good time to flesh out your goals, especially your short term goals. The Singer of Transfiguration assures you that success is reachable, and in fact either has been reached or will soon be reached. You may experience big changes with this full moon energy. 

Unity reminds you that you are not alone, not even in your success. Make sure to thank the people who have helped you become the person you are today, and who helped you get where you are. The truth that we are all connected is highlighted with this full moon. How can you help others reach their goals? There is enough abundance and success to go around for everyone. Let all sense of competition fade, and let yourself shine. Let your connection to your higher self and higher power guide you. 

Arval Partot points to his throat with a sweet smile, reminding you to use your voice. If you don’t tell others what you need, they can’t help you. Open up your throat chakra with singing and with affirmations repeated aloud. Don’t forget that his little antennae are alight as well- he really hears what others have to say not just with their words, but with their body and aura. You also have this capacity. Be stellar in your communication, and listen well to others for understanding.

The October full moon is a time of healing and releasing. Let go to experience change for the better, trusting that you are supported and cared for, and have courage to share your experiences, truth, and needs with others and to receive theirs as well. 

Brightest blessings to you all 🖤 🌝