Connecting Tarot with Music: Death

Historically one of the most feared cards in the tarot deck, many would say Death is simply misunderstood. Death in a tarot reading rarely means a literal death, usually it's some sort of transformation and moving on. This is true, but I think it's worth taking a deeper look than that.  It's easy to see… Continue reading Connecting Tarot with Music: Death


July New Moon Message

Tomorrow's new moon occurs in Leo at 4:47AM and there not everything is what it seems. If you've been juggling many things, it will all come to a head with this new moon. It's time to see what goes and what stays. You can make something out of the chaos if you're willing to believe… Continue reading July New Moon Message

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October 2016 New Moon

I've already written about the process of setting new moon intentions, which you can review here. Today I'm writing about the specifics of the new moon taking place at the end of this month.  This month, the new moon falls on October 30th at 12:39PM and it's in the sign of Scorpio. I noted in my… Continue reading October 2016 New Moon

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Oracle Reading for the Week of October 24, 2016

Hello again! I hope you all have had a fabulous week and that you're enjoying your Sunday. This week I'm using the Healing with the Angels oracle card deck for our weekly reading. I've been using it consistently recently for the Facebook daily card readings that I offer for all of you. Of course if you would… Continue reading Oracle Reading for the Week of October 24, 2016