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The One Rule of Witchcraft

There are loads of books and websites out there that will expound on the rules of witchcraft, but there’s only one rule that really matters, and it informs your entire practice and the effectiveness of your workings. Know Thyself.Being a witch is a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and wisdom integrated with activity. It is a… Continue reading The One Rule of Witchcraft


What It Means To Be A Witch

Recently a client asked me what it means to be a witch, and like most questions pertaining to my life and work I didn't have a perfunctory answer. It's important to understand that this question will have a different answer depending on which witch you ask, so all I can do is answer for myself… Continue reading What It Means To Be A Witch


Answers from Rochester’s Resident Witch

Earlier today I encouraged folks on Facebook to submit their questions to me about witch life and witchcraft in order to facilitate education and dialogue because not many people know much about me or the craft. I am in general a very private person, and most people come to me for my listening (and tarot… Continue reading Answers from Rochester’s Resident Witch


Light as a Feather 

Continuing the journey of self-care through the minor arcana, we come to the suit of swords. Swords represent the element of air and have to do with our thoughts. Presence and mindfulness to the way we think about ourselves is arguably one of the most difficult forms of self-care, nevertheless, below are some prompts to… Continue reading Light as a Feather 

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The Cold Moon and Announcements

It's after dark on this Gemini full moon and I'm listening to instrumental Celtic music while Faye sleeps in my lap. Gemini rules communication, money, and some other issues and intentions that I don't remember off the top of my head. Meditation, contemplation, and will matter more than lining up the zodiac with the phases… Continue reading The Cold Moon and Announcements

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Music Hath Charms…

Music is a meditative form of healing. If I can't quiet my mind I tune in to the right music and focus intently on the words and music, move my body, and suddenly... My chest opens to send butterflies into the sky and love down my legs. I feel an involuntary smile pull my face… Continue reading Music Hath Charms…