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Six Reasons You’re Not Manifesting

Just a shortish note on magic and manifesting and setting intentions. If you're a person who sets new moon intentions every month but you don't see changes occurring, or you're having trouble manifesting in general, there are some things to consider: 1.) You're not really feeling it Being in the right head space/emotional space is… Continue reading Six Reasons You’re Not Manifesting


What It Means To Be A Witch

Recently a client asked me what it means to be a witch, and like most questions pertaining to my life and work I didn't have a perfunctory answer. It's important to understand that this question will have a different answer depending on which witch you ask, so all I can do is answer for myself… Continue reading What It Means To Be A Witch


The Magic of Crows

Crows may seem like a regular occurrence in Rochester, perhaps even considered an overabundance, but they don't frequent my yard on a regular basis.  This morning as I wrote my morning pages and did my own readings and predictions for the day, a theme seemed to develop around magic. I thought about how I wanted… Continue reading The Magic of Crows

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Full Moon in Scorpio Tarot Reading

As we move into May's full moon, occurring in Scorpio, I asked the cards for advice on how we can best utilize this full moon energy. It's so interesting because two of the cards that came up in this reading also came up this morning in my "last day of the moon cycle reminder" reading… Continue reading Full Moon in Scorpio Tarot Reading

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Week of August 8, 2016 oracle reading 

As part of a new series, I have decided to do weekly oracle readings for anyone who happens to read this blog. That means I'll pull some cards each week to give an idea of what the energy and message is as guidance. So without further ado, the reading for the week. I'm using the… Continue reading Week of August 8, 2016 oracle reading