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Tips for Mastering Your Empath Abilities

I wrote a while ago about what it really means to be an empath and distinguished between what can be confused as empathic ability, and what marks a true empathic ability. I realize now that it’s only halfway helpful. If you’re an untrained empath life has probably been really difficult and social interactions exhausting. In… Continue reading Tips for Mastering Your Empath Abilities

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What it Really Means to be an Empath

To say that being an empath is a bit of a trend nowadays would be an understatement. I see online quizzes about how to determine if you're an empath, lists of traits, and more circling around social media and other avenues. Most of the quizzes and literature I've seen to "identify" if you're an empath… Continue reading What it Really Means to be an Empath

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I have moments of clairvoyance and claircognizance, clairaudience occurs when I read tarot, but clairsentience is the most consistent phenomenon in my life. You already know if you've developed any of these innate abilities in yourself. I've learned a few things about living with clairsentience that have become building blocks for growing my other abilities… Continue reading Clairsentience