Midnight with the Faeries

I've been watching the Twin Peaks Sequel, which is both compelling and terrifying and contributing to my already erratic sleep schedule. But tonight (tomorrow by the time anyone reads this), I couldn't fall asleep because of an intense and distant longing in my heart.  I lay in bed thinking about the sensitivities and idealism long… Continue reading Midnight with the Faeries

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The Cold Moon and Announcements

It's after dark on this Gemini full moon and I'm listening to instrumental Celtic music while Faye sleeps in my lap. Gemini rules communication, money, and some other issues and intentions that I don't remember off the top of my head. Meditation, contemplation, and will matter more than lining up the zodiac with the phases… Continue reading The Cold Moon and Announcements

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November New Moon

Tomorrow at 7:19AM the new moon for November occurs. I've been writing about the new moons for a while now. There is a lot of input you can find on the internet about each new moon and setting new moon intentions. I even wrote a post about setting new moon intentions. Usually when I read… Continue reading November New Moon