Spiritual guidance sessions and tarot readings easily go hand in hand, and as a result I have added sessions that give you the benefits of both. This combination is a 1 and 1/2 hour session, currently only available in person.

In spiritual guidance sessions we often deal with shadow work and spiritual healing. Some of the reasons I people come to me include:

• learning to deal with being an empath and setting energetic boundaries

• shadow work to heal from old wounds

• to learn techniques for emotional healing

• dream analysis

• to have someone objective to talk to in a confidential setting who will listen without judgment and provide guidance

• learning how to ground and center

• any magical work you may need done.*

As a practicing witch and ordained minister I am equipped to help you heal and receive the counsel you need. No topic is off limits during these sessions. I provided intuitive guidance with practical advice along with a listening ear in a setting of compassion and nonjudgment. You will receive a reading of your choice (personal Tarot or Faery Wisdom) to complement your spiritual guidance session and provide additional insight and clarity. These sessions are completely confidential.

Be sure to read my Policies and Ethics before scheduling/buying this session. By purchasing a session you are agreeing to my policies and ethics. Use the contact form below to schedule with me.

*Cost for magical/spiritual work varies by energy/supplies required. All costs will be agreed upon before the work is done.

You must pay for your session before you can schedule.

My hours are Monday- Friday by appointment only.

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