Spirit Beads

Spirit Beads are works of magick hand-created by Jessica in ritual. Each set is consecrated and blessed before it ships out. Spirit Beads are made to order. You can request a custom set for a specific purpose by using the contact form at the bottom of the page, and view some previous custom sets Here. All custom sets include a consultation to determine your intention, and then Jessica divines the correct gemstones and charm for your intention then creates your set in ritual. Free shipping on all sets.

Protection Spirit Beads

These ritually created Garnet and Labradorite Spirit Beads with the Hand of Fatima charm are incredibly powerful for protection, prosperity, luck and good health. Labradorite is a stone of manifestation and transcendence, helping the wearer to maintain clarity and gain esoteric insight. Garnet is a grounding stone and a stone of success and health, which will help you manifest your higher ideals and stay on track while eliminating self-sabotaging tendencies. Both stones lend their energy to protecting and shielding your aura. The Hand of Fatima charm provides extra protection.


Psychopomp Spirit Beads

Made with Lepidolite and Blue Goldstone and invoking the spirit of Raven, these spirit beads can be worked with in a variety of ways. You can work with this set to grow your relationship with your ancestral dead, to connect and commune with spirits, to assist in opening up/learning to master psychopomp abilities, to assist you if you work as a death doula, and as a way to honor and remember your revered dead.


Venus Spirit Beads

Created with Rose Quartz and Morganite, with two Lapis Lazuli beads, and Mother of Pearl, and the energy of Venus invoked, this set of spirit beads will assist you in beauty endeavors, learning to enjoy the sweetness of life, and uncovering the depths of love and compassion within yourself.


Fertility Spirit Beads

Created with moss agate and garnet, both of which excellent fertility stones, and invoking the spirit of the Bee to assist you in your fertility efforts. Bee also encourages healthy family dynamics, and Garnet and Moss Agate promote healthfulness as well in body, mind, and spirit.


Money Spirit Beads

Created with Malachite and invoking the spirit of Boar, these spirit beads will assist in bringing financial prosperity an opulence.


Grounding Spirit Beads

Created with Lepidolite, Sodalite, and Amethyst and invoking the spirit of Frog for enlightenment, cleansing, and peace, these beads are incredibly grounding. They will assist you in maintaining inner peace and calm no matter what is happening in the world around you. Healing, these beads help you release fear, emotional blockages, feelings of guilt and shame, and encourage recovery from psychological trauma. The Lepidolite brings emotional clarity, sodalite mental clarity, and amethyst spiritual clarity, bringing about inner unity and helping you to hear your intuition and make choices from a place of truth and trust.


Dragon Spirit Manifestation Spirit Beads

Created with Imperial Jasper and Tiger Eye and the invoked spirit of Dragon. Dragon teaches the ways of magick and assists you with manifestation. Dragon is a being of great power and protection, and a wonderful spirit ally who adds potent energy to magickal workings. Tiger Eye assists in improving concentration and will. Jasper brings grounding and protection.


Zodiac Series

*These are of limited availability. Any signs that are not shown are already sold out.

Aries Spirit Beads

Created with Bloodstone and Red Jasper under the invoked energy of Aries. Red Jasper increases focus and energy, provides encouragement, helps you stay grounded, and is good for overall stability and strength. Bloodstone is a stone of balance and confidence, increases courage, passion, success, and honesty.


Taurus Spirit Beads

Ritually created with Rhodonite Red Jasper under the invoked energy of Taurus for enhancing the earthy, sensual energy in your life. Taurus is the sign of trustworthiness and physical comfort. Red Jasper increases beauty and compassion, provides encouragement and grace. Rhodonite is a stone of happiness, self love, peace, and emotional support.


Gemini Spirit Beads

Created with Howlite and Moss Agate under the invoked energy of Gemini. Howlite helps you express your emotions and eases anxiety, and helps convert knowledge into wisdom. Moss Agate enhances communication and connections, increases creativity and energy, brings harmony, assists with self-work and attracts friendships, while helping you speak your truth.


Leo Spirit Beads

Created with Carnelian and Tiger Eye under the invoked energy of Leo. Carnelian provides inspiration and assists in creative endeavors, as well as manifestation and enhances personal power and success. Tiger‘s Eye is grounding and empowering, encouraging cheerfulness, integrity and insight.


Virgo Spirit Beads

Created with Sugilite and Jade under the invoked energy of Virgo. Sugilite helps with managing changes, creating a sense of wellbeing, overcoming negativity, releasing anger, finding peace and creating an overall sense of wellbeing. Jade enhances abundance, helps with endurance and concentration, aids in decision making and increases kindness.


Libra Spirit Beads

Created with Malachite and Lepidolite under the invoked energy of Libra. Malachite aids in communication, prosperity, business decisions, making good connections, and providing emotional security. Lepidolite brings balance and harmony, easing changes and creating peace.


Scorpio Spirit Beads

Created with Citrine and Garnet under the invoked energy of Scorpio. Garnet aids in adaptability, compassion, enhances ambition, healing and imagination. It is also a stone of loyalty. Citrine is a stone of awareness, problem solving, relationships, self-knowledge, discipline and success.


Sagittarius Spirit Beads

Created with Jasper and Sodalite under the invoked energy of Sagittarius. Sodalite aids in creating and maintaining community, enhances intuition and energy, clears and quiets the mind, helps you release fear and retain knowledge, and promotes loyalty. Jasper brings comfort comfort, enhances determination, support, truth, and aids in releasing stress.


Capricorn Spirit Beads

Created with with Red Tiger’s Eye and Garnet under the invoked energy of Capricorn. Red Tiger’s Eye is a stone of motivation and increased energy. Red Tiger’s Eye helps with issues involving determination, willpower and focus, as well as practicality. Garnet is a stone of ambition, patience, and the right use of personal power. It also stimulates happiness.


Aquarius Spirit Beads

Created with Turquoise and Black Onyx under the invoked energy of Aquarius. Onyx is brings personal growth, and encourages community, confidence, and transformation. It helps release negativity within relationships. It is a stone of freedom, helping you to have healthy boundaries. Turquoise is a stone of clarity especially in communication, and aids creativity, improvement, friendships, as well as inner strength, and manifestation.


Pisces Spirit Beads

Created with Turquoise and Amethyst under the invoked energy of Pisces. Turquoise aids in proving calm during changes, enhancing intuition, attracting what you need, enhancing success as well as empathy. Amethyst helps create spiritual connections, aids in creativity and spiritual efforts, balances emotions, and increases psychic abilities.