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II These Spirit Beads were ritually created with black onyx and carnelian beads in increments of 3 (sacred number of the Celtic path), with 3 bloodstone beads interspersed after every 27th bead. Bloodstone, Onyx and Carnelian are sacred to The Morrigan as is the raven (charm). These Spirit Beads will help you connect to and build a relationship with The Morrigan. 

The Morrigan is incredibly protective against enemies, enhances courage, and is a goddess of witchcraft and great strength. She is no-nonsense and empowering (which means she doesn’t care what excuses you have, you better take responsibility for your choices and your life). She is one to call on when doing shamanic and prophetic work, or if you’re having issues with nightmares. 

Black onyx is a protective stone that neutralizes harmful energies, increases happiness, and centers the person wearing it. It is a stone of spiritual strength that will help you overcome obstacles and conflicts and persevere.

Carnelian uplifts, cleanses all energy, and assists in manifesting you desires. It also helps you build confidence, overcome fear of death, helps you trust your perceptions, and protects against envy and rage.

Bloodstone is also a stone of protection and abundance, as well as a stone of healing. This stone can help you release grief and work through traumas. 

Together, with the blessings of The Morrigan, these stones will aid increase your self-confidence, encourage you to face problems head on, help you create & manifest, and assist you in remaining grounded and healing. 

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