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Branwen is the Celtic goddess of love and beauty, and she also assists and protects those who are leaving (and have left) abusive situations. 


Made (in ceremony, and ritually blessed) with aquamarine and rose quartz, two stones that are sacred to Branwen. Aquamarine enhances intuition, clarifies perception, aids in the release of fear and in the release of resistance to positive change. Aquamarine also opens the throat chakra, allowing a person to confidently speak their truth. Aquamarine helps in releasing baggage along with negative patterns and situations so that the wearer can find freedom and healing. It is a stone of dynamic yet gentle change. Rose quartz assists by lending protection, self-compassion and self-love. Together these stones harmonize to help the wearer heal from the trauma of abuse and move forward. 


The sparrow is also sacred to Branwen. When Branwen was in the midst of an isolating and abusive circumstance she found a sparrow with a broken wing and nursed it back to health. When it could fly again it carried Branwen’s message of her terrible circumstances to her brother in her homeland, and was thus instrumental in freeing her from the daily abuse she suffered. 



The sparrow is a reminder of the possibility of freedom and the help available. All together this set of spirit beads is powerful for change, healing and safety.

Made to order. 

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