I’m an ordained minister with the American Marriage Ministries, licensed in Minnesota and available to officiate spiritual and nonspiritual weddings in the Rochester, MN area. I’m not affiliated with any church as I am a witch and high priestess of the craft. Before committing to any of the services below, feel free to schedule a first (free) meeting with me to learn more and get to know me by using the contact form below. Payment for any services is due at the time my services are officially employed.

House Cleansing & Blessing

This is a service I offer with my colleague, Sophia Gold, to rid your home or work space of unwanted energies and entities (price covers non-demonic energy/entities). Price can vary depending on your needs, the size of the space and the number of spirits/depth of unwanted energy. If you have demonic energy in your home we can consult with you on that as well.



Nondenominational, secular, or pagan weddings. Includes: * A “get to know you” meeting followed up with three planning sessions in person or via email * The ceremony rehearsal * The actual ceremony




Vow Renewals


Funeral/Memorial Services

Nondenominational, secular, or pagan. Includes: * Preparing for and leading the sacred funeral or memorial service


Use the contact form below to schedule a first (free) meeting with me, or if you have any additional questions.