I’m an ordained minister with the American Marriage Ministries, licensed in Minnesota and available to officiate spiritual and nonspiritual (nondenominational, pagan, secular, atheist) weddings, elopements, funeral and memorial services in the Rochester, MN area. I’m not affiliated with any specific church as I am a solitary witch and high priestess.

House Cleansing & Blessing

This is a service I offer with my colleague, Sophia Gold, to rid your home or work space of unwanted energies and entities (price covers non-demonic energy/entities). Price can vary depending on your needs, the size of the space and the number of spirits/depth of unwanted energy. If you have demonic energy in your home we can consult with you on that as well.


Wedding Ceremony Design & Officiant

Design your custom wedding ceremony with me. I am licensed in MN and perform nondenominational, secular, atheist, and pagan weddings/commitment ceremonies. LGBTQIA couples welcomed and embraced, along with all others. This service includes: A “get to know you” meeting where we will get to know each other and I will learn what you want out of the ceremony, followed up with three planning sessions in person or via email where I design the ceremony according to your needs and wishes and follow up with you for your approval, the ceremony rehearsal, the actual ceremony, and submitting your marriage license after the ceremony to the local government.




Vow Renewals

Let's plan your vow renewal ceremony and celebrate your enduring love! Vow renewal ceremonies include all the same benefits as the wedding ceremony (except for the submitting of the marriage license). We will meet to determine what you're looking for out of the ceremony, which I will then design according to your specifications.


Funeral/Memorial Services

During difficult times of loss, families and friends are often overwhelmed with making arrangements. Allow me to make things as easy as possible for you. I will meet with you and then design a funeral/memorial service that honors your loved one and highlights their life and love. I am able to perform nondenominational, pagan, secular, and atheistic funeral and memorial services according to your desires and specifications.


Use the contact form below to schedule your first meeting with me, or if you have any additional questions.