House Cleansing & Blessing

Our homes and work spaces often carry leftover energy from the people who lived there before or worked there before, or become clouded when a lot of conflict has taken place.  Sometimes, there are spirits present as well. Depending upon how others who lived or worked in your space carried and conducted themselves, ill, unwanted, and bothersome energies can develop and remain.

I work to determine what is happening energetically in your home, and to banish all that is harmful. I am thorough with both cleansing and blessing, using a variety of herbs, crystals, and potent mixtures to cleanse, bless, and protect your space.

If you have a new home which is energetically clear but which you would like blessed and protected from the beginning, I also do this work for $75

Cost for this work begins at $175 and if you’re outside of Rochester, MN there is a travel fee. If you would like to schedule your consultation or if you are ready to hire me directly, please use the contact form below or email me at