Practical Magick Lessons

These practical magick lessons are a self-study and practice that I provide for subscribers, along with a bit of mentorship. I created these lessons originally as simply exclusive content for those who enjoy my work, and would like to support it, while also benefiting from some perks that are valued much higher than the subscription rate.

Included for all subscribers are:

•Biweekly spells, rituals, meditations, and/or recipes (delivered by email). These are shared exclusively with subscribers.

•Original tarot spreads to grow your divination and psychic skills (delivered by email and again shared exclusively with subscribers).

•Discounts & coupons.

•Access to the Facebook group for community, discussion, & more learning. This is, of course, as active as subscribers would like it to be. There is also 2 hours a week of direct mentorship from me available.

•Automatic entry to win a free email reading every month.

January 2020-August 2020 Theme: Chakra Healing -January begins with instruction on spiritual cleansing, and then February- August focuses on working with each of the individual main chakras, beginning with the root chakra in February. An optional one time box of supplies for these lessons can be purchased here.

You can also subscribe via paypal: