Custom Spirit Beads

The Spirit Beads I create are works of magick. I consecrate and bless them for the individual they will belong to, and they are meant to be treated with sacred intention.

Below are some examples of previous made to order spirit beads for different clients. All Spirit Beads are handmade in sacred ritual. Use the form below to send me a message with details on what you are looking for/need and I will divine the spirits to determine the right stones and charms for you. You can also make request for specific stones or charms. Spirit Beads made with the intention you choose, fortified with the blessings of the spirits, and make a wonderful gift for yourself or someone special.

Spirit beads typically cost between $30-$100 for a standard size (price varies based on cost of materials, as some stones are more expensive than others) and are paid for by invoice.

8676FE6C-89CA-4C75-8E76-3A9D2E65041C.jpegGaia Spirit Beads

Branwen Spirit Beads

Doula Spirit Beads

Dragon Spirit Beads

Rabbit Spirit Beads

img_7117Toyotama-Hime Spirit Beads

170DB318-F487-4AEA-B438-5C76D6517ABB.jpegOdin Spirit Beads

934B0918-AB11-4A07-BF4D-2AFBDCD65E9D.jpegPastor’s Wisdom Spirit Beads

0C3DAD9E-0EBB-4930-8F80-6F741E36C6DCTransformation Spirit Beads

805437B6-FA89-4E99-AC1A-077DE333D106Change My Luck Spirit Beads

25504EF3-678A-42E7-84BF-280130147FEBMaman Brigitte Spirit Beads

C8ACA993-1C99-4C50-ABB9-C3C46A33334EFox Spirit Guide Spirit Beads

E1338E80-4879-4896-87D3-BB1FE9BC6633Papa Legba Spirit Beads

To Order Your Own Spirit Beads fill out the form below and I will follow up within 24 hours to give you a quote/send the invoice.