Custom Spirit Beads

If you’ve been looking for a powerful way to connect with your personal/ancestral deity (or deities), animal guides, saints, angels, or spirits, you can now order custom spirit beads for this purpose.

I can also design spirit beads for a specific focus or intention for you, such as protection, love, opulence, wellbeing, etc.

All spirit beads are prayerfully custom made and handmade via your specifications and needs. Below are some examples of previous made to order spirit beads. You can use the form below to contact me to place your unique order. Spirit beads typically cost between $20-$80 for a standard size set, plus $3 shipping (price varies based on cost of materials, as some stones are more expensive than others).

Gaia Prayer Beads

Gaia is the Greek mother of all creation, formed out of chaos to become our earth. She is a life giver, a source of unconditional love, devotion and patience. She is also linked to prophecy and the original oracle at Delphi. I chose unakite beads as this stone honors Gaia. This stone also helps a person find their animal guide, promotes emotional balance and symbolizes the coming together of elements and/or beings that belong together. I chose a Celtic knot charm to represent the endless cycles of nature, thus honoring Gaia.

Hekate Prayer Beads

Hekate is a dark triple goddess of the crossroads, witchcraft, divination, the underworld, the night, and sacred knowledge. Black is traditionally her sacred color, but I made her mala with blue sandstone to represent the night sky, and I chose a key as the charm because it is one of her sacred symbols, as she is the key holder to all wisdom.

Oshun Prayer Beads

Oshun is an Orisha of the Yorùbá tradition, originating in Nigeria. She is the goddess of sweet & fresh water, love, prosperity, witchcraft, healing, and divination. Yellow/gold are her sacred colors. I chose honeystone beads and a bee as the charm for her mala because honey is sacred to her.

Toyotama-Hime Prayer Beads

Toyotama-Hime (also known as Otohime) is a Japanese dragon Goddess and Princess of the Sea. She is also renowned for providing fertility & safe childbirth for women.

To Order Your Own Prayer Beads fill out the form below and I will follow up within 24 hours to give you a quote/send the invoice. 

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