Custom Spirit Beads

The Spirit Beads I create are not at all like typical prayer beads or meditation beads. They are works of magick created in ritual and consecrated for your personal use for whatever intention or connection you want to manifest in your life.

Below are some examples of previous made to order spirit beads. All Spirit Beads are handmade in sacred ritual. Use the form below to send me a message with details on what you are looking for/need and I will divine the spirits to determine the right stones and charms for you. You can also make request for specific stones or charms. Spirit Beads made with an intention you choose also make a wonderful gift for someone special.

Spirit beads typically cost between $30-$100 for a standard size set, plus $3.50 shipping (price varies based on cost of materials, as some stones are more expensive than others) and are paid for by invoice.

Gaia Spirit Beads

Gaia is the Greek mother of all creation, formed out of chaos to become our earth. She is a life giver, a source of unconditional love, devotion and patience and this set is used to honor these aspects of her and connect to them. She is also linked to prophecy and the original oracle at Delphi. Made with unakite, this set also assists my client in finding their animal guide, promotes emotional balance and symbolizes the coming together of elements and/or beings that belong together. The Celtic knot charm provides extra protection to my client and represents the endless cycles of nature, thus honoring Gaia and easing change.

Branwen Spirit Beads

Made with aquamarine and rose quartz, two stones that are sacred to Branwen. Aquamarine enhances intuition, clarifies perception, aids in the release of fear and in the release of resistance to positive change. Aquamarine also opens the throat chakra, allowing a person to confidently speak their truth. Aquamarine helps in releasing baggage along with negative patterns and situations so that the wearer can find freedom and healing. It is a stone of dynamic yet gentle change. Rose quartz assists by lending protection, self-compassion and self-love. Together these stones harmonize to help the wearer heal from the trauma of abuse and move forward.

The sparrow is also sacred to Branwen. When Branwen was in the midst of an isolating and abusive circumstance she found a sparrow with a broken wing and nursed it back to health. When it could fly again it carried Branwen’s message of her terrible circumstances to her brother in her homeland, and was thus instrumental in freeing her from the daily abuse she suffered.

The sparrow is a reminder of the possibility of freedom and the help available. All together this set of spirit beads is powerful for change, healing and safety.

Doula Spirit Beads

Black onyx for grounding, support, and protection of energy. Rose Quartz for love, comfort, trust, aiding in pregnancy & childbirth, and calming emotions. Moonstone for intuition, guidance, communication, cycles and transition. Amethyst for focus, sexuality, healing, and wisdom.

It should be noted here that moonstone and rose quartz specifically assist with pregnancy and childbirth.

I added two extra, larger pink beads for the color magick of pink (balance, compassion, healing & wellbeing), and one larger cat’s eye bead for birth protection and happiness. These beads were blessed in the name of Hekate, the Great Midwife and Protector. I also charged these beads to work with my client for assisting in the sacred initiation to motherhood.

Dragon Spirit Beads

Red Tiger Eye and Black Onyx. Red tiger eye enhances psychic ability and willpower and increases energy. Black onyx is grounding and centering and prevents energy from being drained, while also lending support for spiritual strength and helping my client remain open to divine inspiration. Together, the two stones will also help her maintain optimum energy levels.

The dragon is the master of the elements and a protective being. Dragon spirit will help my client tap into her psychic abilities and recognize her own well of magic within.

Rabbit Spirit Beads

Lepidolite and Rhodonite for emotional healing & repair, grounding, stimulation a sense of self love and harmony, provide balance during times of change and assists with manifestation. Rabbit Spirit assists in healthful changes, bringing a sense of comfort, and allowing for the vulnerability necessary for profound inner transformation.

Above are a variety of custom made spirit beads. You can view more on my Facebook page here

To Order Your Own Spirit Beads fill out the form below and I will follow up within 24 hours to give you a quote/send the invoice. 

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