Psychic Readings & Spiritual Counsel

Through Email and by Phone

Jessica’s readings and guidance are down to earth, practical, honest, and compassionate as she works with the spirit realm to help you in receive insight, clarity, direction, and the answers you need.

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Once booked, Jessica will respond with confirmation and you will receive your text or email reading/spiritual counsel session within a week after this, depending upon her schedule. Your email reading will come in PDF format. For all email readings, you’ll receive a full write up of the reading as well as photo of the cards that were pulled for you. Spiritual counsel sessions by email will also come in PDF format.

Phone Sessions Booked Here

Lenormand Reading

A reading with Lenormand is straight forward and concrete. It’s for simple questions anchored in everyday life and things going on around you, rather than deep spiritual questions. This reading is for one question only.


Email Tarot Reading

Best for questions about love and relationships, family, career, finance, or any other situation with many moving parts that requires a deeper look at what's going on, as well as extra insight and clarity. One question/situation per reading.


Email Spiritual Counsel Session

For spiritual healing and growth, whether you're in need of custom ritual, Seeking guidance on growing your psychic abilities, living as an empath or highly sensitive person, Require dream interpretation, Are navigating shadow work, Need assistance with spirit and deity work, Need spiritual advice of any kind, or need advice on magickal workings. To receive your spiritual guidance session via email, pay here and then submit details of where you’re at spiritually, and what you’re looking for out of this session. Jessica will respond in detail providing thorough guidance. There may be a bit of back and forth with this to ensure that you get what you need.


Expedited Session

This is the “I can’t wait, I need a reading or spiritual guidance session now” option. You’ll receive your session via email within 24-48 hours of your purchase (depending on when you purchase it and how quickly you get the information on what you need out of the session to Jessica).


*A Note About Timing Questions* – Time is not linear, nor is it a simple construct. Questions that ask “when” something will happen don’t often receive accurate answers, due to the nature of life and the choices we and others make. If you have a timing question, asking if something will occur by a certain time is the best way to receive an accurate answer (such as “will ___ happen by summer?” and so on).