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Tarot Readings & Other Spiritual Services

Use the calendar at the bottom of the page to book your tarot reading, spiritual guidance session, consult for house clearing, or consult for officiation services. All available dates will have times you can click on to choose from.

Before scheduling, please read my Policies and Ethics

**All Services must be paid for at the time of booking.**

Services & Scheduling

Tarot Readings 30 minutes $40

or 1 hour $80

If you’re looking for a down to earth, honest and compassionate reading full of insight and clarity and are willing to receive the truth no matter what the truth may be, I am the psychic tarot reader for you.

Receive the insight and advice you need for love and relationships, career and finance, spiritual matters, crossroads and choices, and more. I work with the spirit realm to provide you with the guidance and wisdom you need.

To receive your reading via email, click here

Spiritual Guidance Session 30 minutes $30 or 1 hour $60

Spiritual Guidance Sessions are ideal for when you are seeking personal issue counseling, spiritual path counseling (no matter your spiritual affiliation), curse removal, removal of attached spirits, guided meditation, shadow work, dream interpretation, help in learning to work with spirits, magical work,* and more. This session does not include a tarot reading.

*magical/spiritual work may increase the cost of a spiritual guidance session depending on what you need done, and what tools/how much energy is required for me to help you. All prices will be agreed upon before any work is started.

To receive your spiritual guidance session via email, click here

Spiritual Guidance Session and Reading $90 (90 minutes)

The benefits of a Spiritual Guidance Session and Tarot Reading in one session.

Weddings, Elopements, Vow Renewals

Funeral/Memorial Ceremonies

House Cleansings & Blessing

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