Psychic and Spiritual Services

I offer Tarot Readings and Spiritual Guidance Sessions by phone and email. I also provide house clearing services. Read through the descriptions to determine which service best fits your needs, and schedule at the bottom of the page (or go click the links for the sessions by email, where there are a few more options). If booking for phone, once I’m notified of the appointment I will send you an invoice which must be paid in order to complete the booking. Email sessions have a payment option immediately.

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Before scheduling, please read my Policies and Ethics

**All Services must be paid for at the time of booking.**

Services & Scheduling

Tarot Readings 30 minutes $50

or 1 hour $90

If you’re looking for a down to earth, honest and compassionate reading full of insight and clarity and are willing to receive the truth no matter what the truth may be, I am the psychic tarot reader for you.

Receive the insight and advice you need for love and relationships, career and finance, spiritual matters, crossroads and choices, and more. I work with the spirit realm to provide you with the guidance and wisdom you need.

To receive your reading via email, click here

Spiritual Guidance Session 30 minutes $40 or 1 hour $70

Spiritual Guidance Sessions are  perfect for when you’re seeking guidance on psychic abilities, living as an empath or highly sensitive person, want to learn more about working with spirits, ancestors or deities, are looking for a spiritual perspective on issues you’re facing, need magickal assistance*, are dealing with a spiritual upgrade, are seeking dream interpretation, need help navigating shadow work, or need any other witchy/spiritual advice. This session does not include a tarot reading.

*magickal work may increase the cost of a spiritual guidance session depending on what you need done, and what tools/how much energy is required for me to help you. All prices will be agreed upon before any work is started.

To receive your spiritual guidance session via email, click here

Spiritual Guidance Session and Reading $120 (90 minutes)

The benefits of a Spiritual Guidance Session and Tarot Reading in one session.

House Cleansings & Blessing

507-993-2403 Phone Session hours vary. Visit the booking page for availability. Email Sessions & Online Shop open 24/7
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