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My name is Jessica Ripley. I officially opened Owl in the Oak Tarot, an authentic witchcraft shop and service, in March 2017 after studying and practicing the art of divination and witchcraft, along with studying a variety of theological paths, for my entire life. I’m a psychic, empathic witch with strong clairsentient and clairaudient abilities. The use of tarot and oracle cards helps me to verbalize the energies and messages that come through from the spirits in a reading. Sometimes when I do house cleansings guardian spirits will have a message for the person living there, as well.

The name Owl in the Oak Tarot represents many things. It represents my Celtic heritage and relationship with the faery folk who appeared to me in an oak tree when I was nine years old. It represents the necessity of being grounded in order to receive the messages from the spirits and utilize their wisdom. It represents the depth and breadth of time committed to developing spiritually in order to truly be of help to others. It is the name of my path in service to you.

I practice natural magic and I work with all manner of spirits in my magical and devotional work. All of the items in my shop have gone through ritual whether they were created by me (most items are) or not. Good communication and integrity in word and deed are the two essential pillars by which I live my life and run my shop and provide my services.

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