Jessica Ripley opened Owl in the Oak Tarot in March of 2017 in order to serve the local Rochester community, as well as the greater community of Minnesota and beyond with her skills. She has been a witch since childhood and has studied and practiced tarot since then as well, along with other mystical arts.

Jessica is a witch skilled in the art of divination. She is a psychic empath with strong clairsentient and clairaudient abilities. She senses and sees spirits, works with ancestors and faery folk as well as animal spirits and other guides. She also works with the spirits of plants and stones in magical work- making charms, amulets, and other items with magical purpose to enhance life and well-being.

Her preferred method of psychic readings with clients is with tarot and oracle cards, though she is also skilled with scrying and pendulum work and fortune telling with Lenormand cards. The name “Owl in the Oak Tarot” represents the necessary balance of being deeply rooted (Oak) in order to receive and share messages from the Divine and the spirits (Owl). Owl is one of Jessica’s animal totems, and Oak is representative of her Celtic heritage and affinity with the faeries.

In addition to psychic reading services, Jessica also gives spiritual guidance and helps clients on their spiritual path regardless of what their particular path may be. Spiritual guidance sessions are tailored to you based on your needs. Some examples of spiritual guidance work with Jessica include shadow work for spiritual healing, dream analysis, empath training, teaching clients how to ground themselves, entity and curse removal, personal issue counseling, spiritual path counseling, guided meditation, and more.

Jessica is a licensed ordained minister, able to perform weddings and memorials. She also frequently works with clients to clear the energy of their homes and work spaces, banishing harmful energies and entities.

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