Owl in the Oak Tarot was a dream long untouched and buried. In the midst of many changes, I took a trip to Oregon to see its beauty and visit my best friend. On top of Spencer’s Butte under a full moon I laid the cards out for her and we talked about her life and what the cards said. She received the guidance she needed. 

It was then that I knew. 

I returned home and a few months later, Owl in the Oak Tarot as a dream could no longer be silenced. I scrounged up the courage and thus, Owl in the Oak Tarot was born. 

Owl in the Oak Tarot received its name from owl medicine, which I have been learning from since childhood with owl as my totem. Owl medicine teaches a person how to gain clarity in darkness, whether the literal darkness of the night or the subconscious, and is a symbol of mystery, magic, and night. Owl teaches you to trust your inner wisdom. Have you ever seen a barred owl? They look right through your soul. They see beyond the surface of things to the truth within. 

My first experiences with the faery folk happened in an oak tree outside my bedroom window at night when I was around 9 years old. Oaks are deeply rooted, filled with cosmic wisdom, and life-affirming in their strength. Because of my personal connection with owl, oak, and the fae, I combined owl and oak to represent my life’s work. 


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