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Owl in the Oak Tarot officially opened in March of 2017 in order for Jessica to serve the local Rochester community, as well as the greater community of Minnesota and beyond with her skills as a psychic, witch, and crafter.

Jessica is a witch skilled in the art of divination. She is a psychic empath with strong clairsentient and clairaudient abilities. She senses and sees spirits, works with ancestors and faery folk as well as animal spirits and other guides.

Jessica also works with the spirits of plants and stones in magical and ritual work. She serves the community with ritually made and carefully crafted items: spirit beads, spiritual jewelry, charms, amulets, potions, washes, herbal blends, pendulum boards, and candles. Pendulums are also available, though does not make them herself but does cleanse and charge them under full moon energy.

The name “Owl in the Oak Tarot” represents the necessary balance of being deeply rooted (Oak) in order to receive and share messages from the Divine and the spirits (Owl). Owl is one of Jessica’s animal totems, and Oak is representative of her Celtic heritage and affinity with the faeries.

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