When You’re Too Tired

The days continue to get shorter, eclipsing the few days of bare sunshine with a cold blanket of stars backlighting the naked trees. There’s something comforting about the black night sky after endless grey days, days that can make us feel a compounding sense of tiredness, loneliness, and sadness. I breathe a little easier when the world quiets down into black and the brisk air fills my lungs. When the world sleeps the pressure is off of all of us.

I myself have felt especially tired with the seasonal change. I expected it in a way, since this is the time of year when so much of the natural world prepares to sleep. There seems to be a communal sense of tiredness, though. It’s bone-deep, and it can feel alarming and debilitating at the same time.


This is a soul call to silence and celebration.

This is an internal prompt for reflection.

Consider: why do we pressure ourselves to constantly perform and produce?

Everything in nature ebbs as well as flows, rests as well as works. What is your natural rhythm hidden under all this outward production? What would happen if you let your natural rhythm be what drives you?

Maybe it’s not a bad thing that you don’t feel like forcing your winter energy to match your summer energy. Maybe, this is the time to pare down the projects and tasks, the time to simplify in order to conserve. Maybe it’s time to replace some of those obligatory meetings and activities with a night out with friends, dinner and drinks, and staying in to feed your soul with a good book or some hot tea by the fire (or just curled up in your favorite comfortable spot).

Maybe it’s time to spend less energy consuming social media. Maybe your heart and brain need a break from the endless barrage of opinions and marketing and terrible news. I have had the thought for some time now that many are too tired to go out and socialize face to face because they spend their social energy online. So, what if you spent more time face to face with people you love being around instead expending it online?

What if you focused on your needs and built your life out from there?

Perhaps this deep exhaustion comes from too many shoulds and not enough wants to and loves to. Perhaps it’s calling us to consider what would make us feel more fulfilled, what we would really like to do with our time, and how we can have more fun to lighten our hearts.

It may be uncomfortable, but it is a sign post telling us that something needs to change.

What is your heart calling for from you?

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