Being a Tarot Reader in Rochester, MN

In my experience giving tarot readings and spiritual guidance sessions, I’ve had more than one person tell me that Rochester needs more services like the ones I offer. I’ve also had more than one friend who offers similar services tell me that they don’t think Rochester is all that hospitable to the kind of work that we do. And I think that what this really highlights, is the disconnect between the public and the many resources available to them.

If I really didn’t think that Rochester was a hospitable place for the work that I do, I would have moved by now. It’s true that I have felt a little more at home in cities like Portland, which is more openly eccentric. However, Rochester has its own particular magic. It’s a city known for healing. And for those who are looking for the kind of services I offer, and the services my friends and colleagues offer, it shouldn’t be so difficult to find. Instead of lamenting the gap, it’s best to consider how to bridge the gap.

I set the intention that the people who are meant to be my clients will find me, and that is how it has been working. I do my best to make sure people know what I have to offer. But aside from me, there are many reiki practitioners, energy healers, and psychics in this city.  There are many alternative spiritual experiences and practices available to learn about and participate in from yoga, meditation groups and drum circles to cacao ceremonies and more. I suppose it’s just a matter of taking notice. Seek and you shall find.

But it’s also a matter, for practitioners, of putting yourself out there. 

The time for hiding is over. I know that many practitioners, and many people interested in these “alternative” services tend to keep it somewhat secret because they don’t think they will be well received or accepted by their friends, neighbors, and peers.

I myself have received more than one sideways glance from people who don’t approve of my work. But here’s the truth about that: I would get that response from some people anywhere I lived/worked, and most importantly: I’m not here for those people. 

I’m here for the people who need my services.

And I don’t believe in hiding.

So let me start:

I’m a witch. I’m a tarot reader. I’m an ordained minister and high priestess. I love my work, I love my clients, and I’m proud of my vocation and unashamed of myself and my interests.

Alright Rochester, your turn. 

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