The Magic of Crows

Crows may seem like a regular occurrence in Rochester, perhaps even considered an overabundance, but they don’t frequent my yard on a regular basis. 

This morning as I wrote my morning pages and did my own readings and predictions for the day, a theme seemed to develop around magic. I thought about how I wanted to be more aware of it in my life, to experience it more. I pulled out my faery oracle deck to begin my reading and as I pulled the Unity card my cats ran to the picture window at high alert, their pupils dialated and tails twitching in anticipation. 

I peered out the window and saw a murder of crows congregating in my yard and in the branches of the maple tree, where cardinals and brave chickadees usually haunt. Crows are magic, I heard my guides say. You said you wanted to experience more magic. Learn from the crows. 

Crows are keepers of mysteries and emblematic of creation, a reminder of the innate magical abilities within. Winds of change have been sweeping through my life for some time now, clearing away with force the straggling remnants of old patterns, relationships, and behaviors, and it has been imperative for me to speak my own truth despite how others may perceive or react to it. 

Pairing this unusual experience of crows with the faery card I pulled, I understood that the only way for me to rise into and further develop my experiences of magic is to return to the recognition that I am whole right now, as I am, no matter what I may have lost or experienced. In that recognition of wholenesss the entirety of creation opens for the exploration of mysteries, and the seemingly mundane is recognized for the miracle it truly is. 

This was a reminder to return to ritual, to turn inward and hear and be renewed. The importance communication and of paying attention did not escape me, and as I lit the incense on my altar I watched for more messages, ones only meant for me. 

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