Moon Glow & More

Did you know I created a free zine that’s published monthly with a theme of spirituality, holistic healing, and metaphysical arts? This zine includes a business directory of holistic healers/metaphysical practitioners and a calendar of our events in the Rochester, MN area. It’s called Moon Glow and I’m feeling fired up about it! I’ve had two different artists design the cover so far, which I love. You can check this zine out here. I distribute hard copies at a couple of places around town as well. 

July’s cover was created by Danielle Topka, a talented local photographer and friend who is just as obsessed with the moon as I am. You can find more of her work here.

August’s cover is created by Luke Austin, also a friend and local artist who has done amazing design work for many events and organizations, and is a skilled artist in a variety of mediums. His cover design is the featured image for this post, and is also pictured below. 

This zine is one of the ways I enjoy giving back to the community, and anyone can contribute to it. If you’re local and have a holistic healing or metaphysical arts business, you can be included in the directory and calendar of events for free. If you’re feeling generous and you want to contribute to printing costs and paying the cover artist, you can place an ad for your local business in the zine.  You can also contribute an article for free. If you have a cool story to share that fits the theme of spirituality, metaphysical arts, or holistic healing, you can submit it to me to be published whether or not you are a practitioner of holistic healing or metaphysical arts.


In addition to this zine goodness, I wanted to let you know that this weekend I’m providing tarot readings at a couple of different events. Friday and Saturday I’ll have a table set up at the Olmsted County Fair in the Artisan’s Market section. I’ll be there from 12-4 both days and you can get a tarot reading from me there. Sunday I’ll have a table set up for readings at the outdoor pop-up market at the Kutzky Marketplace, which is located at Forager Brewery. I’ll be there from 10-4.  I would love to see you this weekend! 

Other updates… 

I offer a variety of tarot reading services, but I also offer services as an ordained minister. Being an ordained minister means I’m licensed to perform wedding ceremonies in the state of Minnesota. I’m also available to officiate funeral and memorial services, and I offer spiritual guidance sessions as well for those who are seeking and/or need a private space where they can share without judgment. 

 I’m not affiliated with any church, as I am a witch and High Priestess of the craft. I am able to perform ceremonies whether spiritual in nature or non-spiritual. If you’re interested in working with me or learning more, click here.

Thanks for reading!! 

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