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Blessed by Freya

When my boyfriend and I left for our anniversary trip up north last month, our journey was inundated with dragonflies from beginning to end. They guided us, spent time with us, and when we returned home we continued to see them when we were apart from each other, but at the same time during our days. 

We were enamored with their presence and their meaning for our relationship. We were honored to be blessed with a totem representing our bond, a blessing from Freya, goddess of love to whom dragonflies are sacred. Freya is another aspect of Venus and Aphrodite, my matron goddess. When my boyfriend and I first got together, she spoke to me about our relationship through the medicine of bees. Now, as a couple, she speaks to us through dragonflies. 

When dragonflies mate, their bodies form a heart, making them a symbol of love. Their wings operate independently of each other, but in rhythm, a powerful symbol of interdependence and mutual support. Dragonflies have strong wings that give them the ability to hover against incredibly strong winds, a symbol of the strength of our bond. Our commitment to growing together is honored in dragonfly medicine as well. 

When we were shopping on our trip, we decided to look for something dragonfly-esque to bring home with us, but we didn’t find anything that was right. We didn’t find anything when we came home, either, so we let it be and kept the simple knowledge in our hearts, contented. Then, yesterday, my boyfriend came home with this keychain that was handmade and gifted to him from a friend: 

Thank you, Freya. 😍

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