Staying Grounded

This is part four of the series on self-care through the Minor Arcana, with tips and prompts to increase your sense of well-being and personal growth. The element of earth is stable, reliable, solid, strong, and grounded. In the tarot, it’s represented by the suit of Pentacles, and deals with our physical reality, body, finances, and surroundings. 

I have found that Pentacles deal strongly with relationships in a practical, active way. I hope these prompts inspire you to be more mindful of the material aspects of your life and the ways in which you can better enjoy it all. 

Ace of Pentacles: Give yourself the gift of remaining grounded. Take a few minutes every day to breathe and feel your connection to the earth, reminding yourself that you are on solid ground. 

Two of Pentacles: Take a couple of hours to make sure your finances, bills, and home are in order. Keeping up on keeping your space and finances in order will increase your sense of well-being, and will be less to nag you in the back of your mind. You’ll free up plenty of mental space for fun things, and achieve a better sense of balance.

Three of Pentacles: Let others share their gifts for your benefit, and yours for theirs. Choose to compromise for inner peace, and praise what is accomplished as a result of working well with others. 

Four of Pentacles: Be generous with yourself and others, trusting in your ability to maintain balance. Open yourself up to giving and receiving, without worrying about what you might lose. 

Five of Pentacles: Start a gratitude journal and count everything that is going right in your life. Remind yourself that you are always secure, cared for, and loved.

Six of Pentacles: Share something of yourself with others. It may be money, food, a handmade gift, a thoughtful message. Whatever it is, let it be genuine. Vulnerability is strength. 

Seven of Pentacles: Take stock of your life, your surroundings, what vibes with you and what doesn’t. Toss or donate the things that you don’t need, cut the things you’ve been spending money on that are a drain and don’t bring you joy (*except bills, pretty sure heat and water and a roof are things to be joyful about), and make space for new. 

Eight of Pentacles: Dig into the earth, plant a garden, take a cooking class, or a pottery class. Put your hands to work on something you love to create and give yourself over to the moment. 

Nine of Pentacles: Take a spa day! Do some yoga, then let your body be pampered with a quiet mind. Treat yourself to a favorite meal, and pet some animals. 

Ten of Pentacles: Picnic with your loved ones. Get into nature together and enjoy the abundance of the earth and the abundance of your mutual love.

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