Swimming with the Current

Welcome to part two of four in this series on self-care in the minor arcana. By the end of this series we’ll have 40 self-love prompts for different aspects of your being. You can view part one here. We’re looking at the suit of Cups today, which deals with the ways we can better care for our emotional selves and the creativity that comes from our feelings. 

Ace of Cups: Sit with the truth that you are loved. You are loved just as you are, you are whole, you need nothing to be complete. Let yourself absorb this truth. Meditate on this truth and see how it opens you to life.

Two of Cups: Consider how you are supported in your relationships and how you support others. Are your relationships mutually beneficial? How do the people you surround yourself with make you feel? Your first commitment, your first relationship, is to yourself. Honor your relationship with yourself and your relationships with others will correct themselves.

Three of Cups: Sharing is caring. Let someone in to share the good times with and celebrate the abundance of love in your life. The key to emotional satisfaction is gratitude. Be grateful and watch your emotional energy flow. 

Four of Cups: In what ways are you dissatisfied emotionally? Take an inventory of what’s working and not working for you and make a list of the ways in which you can better care for yourself. Is there a need that isn’t getting filled? Or, are you blind to what’s before you and all around you? It’s ok to hesitate and take your time when you’re not sure of things. Don’t let anyone rush you in matters of the heart.

Five of Cups: As they say, the only way out is through. When you face a disappointment or loss, how do you handle it? Do you stuff the emotions, or do you wallow? As uncomfortable as it is, it’s good to feel the sorrow and pain before you turn around and see what’s still there for you. Give yourself permission to grieve, to cry, to feel.

Six of Cups: What makes you feel safe and comfortable? What is something that really brought you joy as a child? Take a moment to do something lovely just for you, just because. Buy yourself a present, do something creative, look through old photos and remember how it feels to be free of worry. This practice, however small, done on a daily basis is life changing. 

Seven of Cups: Oh, imagination! What do you wish for most of all? Connect to your highest, most “impossible” dreams! Connect and enjoy them, write them down. Suspend your disbelief and allow yourself to play. How do you want to feel as a norm? How can you put a foundation under your castles in the sky? 

Eight of Cups: It’s healthy to take some time for solitude on a regular basis, even for the most extroverted of people. Getting quiet lets you see what you’ve been holding on to that it is time to release. Drop your emotional baggage and let yourself be carried into new experiences by the lightness within.

Nine of Cups: Happiness is usually a chosen state of being. Pay attention to the way the universe responds to you and fills your needs. In what ways are you feeling abundant? It’s important that you believe you can have the good things that you wish for, it’s important for you to instill in yourself a feeling of worthiness. Affirm your worthiness daily. 

Ten of Cups: How can you strengthen your synchronicity with those you love? Is mutual respect present in your relationships? Communicate your emotions and needs, and communicate your personal truth in order to keep the flow of your relationships running smoothly. 

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