Full Moon Oracle Message for June

I’m doing things a little differently for this month’s full moon. June is a special month to me, and I’ve been working with the faeries much more. Instead of looking at the energy of the full moon and how you can use it, I asked for a message for you from the faeries. It pretty much worked out the same way. 

The Sagittarian energy of this full moon is heightened for ideas, freedom, and communication. Direct this excitable energy toward creative and constructive ends. The Rarr is pure, ungrounded energy. He’s the sugar in your kid’s soda, the excitement of a new experience that makes you say “I can’t sleep, I’m too amped up.” He’s what keeps you up all night, and Taitin the Sylph is the giver of the never-ending ideas surging through your mind, playing on the energy of the Rarr. Taitin fills your mind with what ifs and could be’s, new things to try, new changes to make. 

And what new things would you like to try? What changes do you want to make? What new ideas are you excited about and ready to tell everyone? Nothing happens, or at least, not as fast or as well as it could, without direct and clear communication. And what have you been holding back that you need to say, anyway? Communication is listening as well as talking, and not just listening to others but to yourself. Communication is in the pauses of a sentence, the movement of the body, the look on a face, the look in an eye. What is your body telling you about the people you’re around and the situations you are in? What are other people communicating to you about how they feel, verbally and nonverbally?

Sagittarius rules direct communication, adventures, spontaneity, and generosity of spirit. How would you like to infuse more of these attributes into your life? There’s a leg-up of energy for anything positive you’d like to take a plunge on. 

So, do it!  

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