New Moon in Gemini Tarot Reading 

The new moon in Gemini occurs on Thursday, May 25th at 2:45 PM. If you’re interested in learning more about setting new moon intentions, click here. Otherwise, this post focuses on the new moon tarot reading I did for all of us on how best to utilize this moon’s energy. 

The cards I pulled are the Page of Cups, The Devil, and the Seven of Cups. 

We can best utilize this energy by engaging in honest and open communication with ourselves and with each other. Spend some time in meditation and listen to your higher self. There are messages waiting for you in your dreams, and in the quiet of meditation. Our higher selves and the spirit world have a lot to say to us and in addition to meditation, this would be a great time to begin a dream journal. 

This is also a time to check our illusions and anxieties. It’s time to come back down to earth and get real with ourselves and others. Gemini rules an overactive mind and imagination, and between The Devil and the Seven of Cups we have both at a high capacity. What’s with all the nervous energy? Some questions to ask yourself and answer honestly are: “how am I being unrealistic with expectations of myself and others?” And “where have I given up my power over myself to others, or to fear?” “Why do I prefer giving energy to drama instead of channeling it toward creativity?” 

If you’ve been dealing with scattered energy, consider how you can focus it in on something productive and creative. There is supportive energy for you to be more decisive. Narrow down your list of options and pick one thing to focus on. It doesn’t mean you can’t ever do all the other things, it just means you’ve finally begun. 

If you would like a personalized new moon reading specific to you, click here

Thanks for reading and new moon blessings! 

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