Connecting Tarot with Music: Strength

I wasn’t sure what song to choose for number 8 of the Major Arcana, Strength in most decks, until I was driving in my car today and the song below came on the radio. 

The Strength card is also my soul and personality card according to numerology and tarot. A deep and abiding inner strength despite outer circumstances is very much characteristic of my life and person, but there are more lessons to this card than fortitude, patience, and compassion for self and others. There is a well of shadow to draw from to bring you to consciousness, and Strength is that part of you pulling on the rope, ready to face it. 

Strength is what I called upon to face the truth of the imbalances I experienced in relationship for most of my life. I didn’t understand why I was empty all the time. The lemniscate present in the Strength card, when turned vertical, is an 8. The 8 reminded me of an hourglass and that hourglass was me at the top and others at the bottom, highlighting the lack of reciprocity I endured consistently. I would put all of myself into relationships while others gave nothing back.  

So I learned the lessons of boundaries and balance, other Strength lessons that aren’t always touched upon. This new level of understanding rippled back through the old lessons of the card, the lessons of self-love and having the fortitude to say no to this dynamic. 

Anyway, I chose the song “She Gathers Rain” by Collective Soul as the song that represents Strength to me. This time around I am including the lyrics here. What song would you pick for Strength? 

Today she dresses

For the change she’s facing now

And the storm that’s raging

A safe haven she has found

She doesn’t care

What the prophets say anymore

For the love she had

She has no more

So she gathers rain

She gathers rain

To rinse away all her guilt and pain

She gathers rain

She gathers rain

To wash and cleanse and make

her whole again

Her imagination

Has started stretching wide

And her new conviction

No longer will she hide

She’s not branded

When prophets speak words of fire

The same love she gives

She requires

So she gathers rain

She gathers rain

To rinse away all her guilt and pain

She gathers rain

She gathers rain

To wash and cleanse and make

her whole again

(Image of strength from steampunk tarot) 

14 thoughts on “Connecting Tarot with Music: Strength”

    1. Balance and boundaries are characteristics of the number 8. I find these characteristics have a seed in Strength (with the internal, unconscious/conscious) that will grow into Justice (conscious, encompassing and outward).

      Do you prefer Strength or Justice as 8 in the major arcana?


  1. I do like the Thoth, but that in and of itself isn’t why I prefer Justice as 8. Older Tarots, like the Marseilles, use Justice as 8, the Rider changed it, and the Thoth changed it back. But I also think, in the greater context of the story told by the major arcana, that Justice just makes more sense in that spot, and Strength at 11. I wrote a long post about my thoughts on the switch a while back, if you’re interested in reading it: https://sentinelonthecouncil.wordpress.com/2016/09/02/justice-and-strength/
    If you’re not interested, I apologize for plugging my own site on yours.


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