Women and Spirituality Conference 2017

The Women and Spirituality Conference has been a regular event in Mankato for 35 years, but this year it’s coming to Rochester, MN and will take place at the Mayo Civic Center on September 16 and 17. There’s going to be tons of workshops, a maker’s space where you can get creative, a healing room, exhibitions, and more. 

I’m really excited for this, especially because this Conference is a space for people of all different spiritual paths to come together and learn from each other and foster good relationships built on mutual respect. I have to admit that although I’m a total introvert, I’m excited to meet new people. I’m definitely excited to learn new things! 

Check out the presenters and workshops that are happening at the Women and Spirituality Conference this year by clicking here – there are tons and I want to go to every workshop on the list (I wish I could)! I’m sure you’ll find something that piques your interest. 

I’m also excited to announce that I made the list of presenters, and that I will be teaching a tarot workshop on how to discover more about yourself by connecting with your intuition and working with the images in the cards. 

There are so many amazing presenters this year, and I’m glad it’s come to Rochester at this time. Rochester is famous for its health clinic that treats the body. This conference heralds the rise of spiritual healing available in this city, creating a holistic balance of wellness. 

So, you should definitely register for this event if you haven’t already. There are scholarships available as well. 

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