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The Empress, Our Mother

Early Sunday mornings in the city are reminiscent of every early morning in the countryside. They are quiet, languid. The scent of lilac wafts over onto my porch, delighting my senses while the birds converse amongst the trees over breakfast. Happy breezes urge me to play on happy Sundays. 

This Sunday, Mother’s Day, is extraordinary. The feminine, Goddess archetype of mother is lifted and celebrated amongst men and women. All women of child bearing age and older who have nurtured and taken good care of any life in their time are recognized and rejoiced over. 

Mother’s Day is a sacred day, a stopping point that says, “Look- she carries the universe within her. She has given birth in many ways, every act of creation from her is a demonstration of her sacred power to manifest life and beauty. Every meal she’s made, every plant she’s tended, every ill person or animal she’s nursed, every artistic endeavor, every protective act, is an outpouring of her divinity. Look- The Empress is among you. She is the one through which all things come.” 

The Tao Te Ching says, “out nothing comes the one, out of the one comes two, out of the two comes three, and out of the three comes ten thousand things.” The Empress: your mother, your sister, your friend, your lover, your wife, your boss, your employee, this earth itself- she is the three from which ten thousand things come. 

(Images from the Chrysalis Tarot & The Crystal Vision Tarot)

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