I journal three pages upon waking every morning without thought as my hand glides across the paper. It is a meditation where my heart paints the page unencumbered by judgment or thought. The day responds to me, and a secret conversation flows underneath the day’s activities.

In the morning I close my eyes and open a book of poetry to whatever page presents itself, believing that the poem I need to read will show itself to me. I call these moments little trusts. 

I shuffle the cards hand over hand, enjoying the familiar weight and cool paper sliding over itself. Every motion is nuanced, every intention imbedding itself in a secret place, and as I pull the cards, I again believe that the right message will come. 

Synchronicities are the secret language and laughter of God. There are no formulas to learn or achieve, there is only trust, the absence of ambition and the presence of pure delight as I listen, and then God listens, and the present moment ripples and glitters between us. 


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