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April New Moon & Tarot

The April New Moon is in earthy, sensual Taurus tomorrow at 7:17AM, highlighting the material, stable, and luxurious aspects of life. What new experiences do you want to bring into your life? Taurus rules money, material comforts, the physical senses, self-worth, patience, and strong foundations. There is a grounded energy with this new moon that makes it easier to see how our intentions may be fulfilled and what steps we can take to move the process along. If you’re writing intentions about money, I suggest making sure you’re absolutely clear on where you stand right now (the balance in your checking account, the sum total of the debts you owe, the balance in your savings, where you have money invested, etc) so that you’re setting intentions from a place of power and knowledge. For more information on setting new moon intentions, check out this post.

I make a habit of doing a tarot reading the day before or the day of the new moon to determine what message I need to know most right now, and to get in touch with where I am so that I can set the best intentions for myself at this time.

Today I asked, “what is your message for me for the upcoming new moon?” (The “your” in this reading for me is my higher power).

I pulled Strength, The Fool, 3 of Coins, and 6 of Cups.

Strength is my Soul and Personality card in the major arcana. When I add the card numbers in this reading up, it comes to a sum total of 17, which reduces to 8 (1 +7), emphasizing the message of the Strength card. This is a spiritual-centered reading that I have done for myself. As a snapshot, it indicates that utilizing gentleness and compassion with my entire self (including the shadow/wild side/anything I try to inhibit or hide) and wholly accepting myself as I am will lead to a new way of living that is less burdened by fear. My dedication to loving myself holistically (3 of Coins, 6 of Cups) and being unified in my focus will keep my heart open and content. The spiritual issues here are accepting as strengths the things I have been conditioned to view as weaknesses (specifically my emotional nature) and bringing it all into alignment with my highest truth, which comes from my higher power. Total trust in myself, love and acceptance of myself, are required for me to move forward unhindered by fear or other limitation.

I also did a reading for myself about setting my new moon intentions for different areas of my life, to be in touch with where my focus should be.

Work: 8 of Wands, 4 of Swords

Intentions centered around clearing my path, having total confidence in my projects, being unencumbered, and not clinging to outcomes (I have a really difficult time not clinging to outcomes).

Money: 3 of Swords, King of Pentacles

Intentions centered around releasing mental baggage about money and becoming a master of abundance. Developing patience.

Travel: 10 of Wands, 10 of Cups

Intentions around traveling with ease and comfort. Harmonious and fulfilling travel experiences. It’s interesting to note that 10 reduces to 1, which is the number of pioneering and stepping out of the comfort zone. 10 is a number of fulfillment and power in manifestation.

Health: 2 of Coins, The Chariot

Intentions around finding holistic balance for my health and the fortitude to advocate for myself and my health.

I’m feeling pretty confident about the actual intentions I’ll be setting tomorrow. The readings I did for myself today were a re-calibration. If you’d like a new moon reading for anything that’s on your mind, click here.

Lunar Blessings to you.

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