Full Moon Tarot Reading for April 

Today is the second day of the full moon, and I don’t know about you but I woke up feeling totally depressed. I still feel pretty anti-social, but that’s because I’m a sponge when it comes to other peoples’ energy and emotions are high today. 

So I pulled some cards for myself, asking what message is for me on this full moon. 

The Eight of Coins is hard at work, standing over his cauldron, conjuring. There is evidence of his skill all around in the trees and on his hat. He continues to get better at what he does. I did spend most of the day studying Lenormand, which is an entirely new system of divination that I am learning. I’ve noticed that it’s had a positive translatory impact on my tarot reading as well. 

The King of Coins has become a master through patience and proper stewardship of all of his resources. He’s built himself an empire, in part by building others up along the way. In this reading, the King of Coins represents me using my resources wisely and for a specific goal that includes encouraging others. 

The Queen of Cups is intuitive and creative. She’s a counselor and a compassionate teacher. She indicates me in this reading (because I am a female and because I am an intuitive Tarot reader), and she reinforces the message of focusing on goals- goals that I love, and what will make me happy. 

The Eight of Wands is moving forward and traveling light. His own torch is lighting his way as he jets toward his goals and dreams. Essentially, the Eight of Wands tells me that taking the advice of the above three cards will result in a clearer path ahead. 

Overall, what I need to be aware of and focus on with this full moon energy is where I am putting my energy. Working for the sake of working is unhealthy. Concentrating on a specific goal that blends heart, intuition and practicality will give me a clear vision and lead to new, fulfilling adventures. 

So, that’s my personal tarot reading for this month’s full moon. If you would like me to do a full moon reading for you, you can get yours by clicking here.

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