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The Art of Interpreting Dreams

My dreams have been so weird lately. On the whole I don’t usually find it difficult to interpret the symbolism, but lately I’ve been rehashing my dreams and thinking, “what the hell?” 

A giant strawberry falling from the sky like a hot air balloon that turns out to not be a real strawberry but something the military (specifically my brother, who is in the military in real life) investigates and takes away because they think it’s from an enemy. 

Smurfs in transforming military tanks riding down the highway at high speed. 

My boyfriend leaving me for a woman who is related to Trump. 

Sometimes I wake up and think to myself, wow, my subconscious really wants me to work for the information it’s handing over. 

The military themes are easy enough. Discipline, internal conflict, and in the case of the giant strawberry (which I really wanted in my dream), the ways in which I don’t allow myself to have any fun and, sometimes, the ways in which I look a gift horse in the mouth and don’t stand up for what I want. 

My brother did have fun taking the strawberry away, though, as he jetted off in his outerpsace flying contraption. That has a two-fold meaning. It highlights a feeling of helplessness because I had no control over the situation and it also points to the way I can harness discipline and say “that’s mine” to the opportunities that come my way. There’s a message in there about accepting my own authoritay. My brother in my dream is an example of traits to incorporate in myself. 

I don’t know what to think about the smurfs. What do smurfs mean to me? I liked watching the cartoon as a kid. Perhaps again, it points to fun. They were having a pretty good time going all batman. 

Ok, but being abandoned for a woman in the Trump family? It probably has to do mainly with my insecurities and the need to better recognize my own value. 

Do you have trouble interpreting your dreams? 

Understanding your dreams is a matter of learning to understand the language of symbols and mastering metaphor. There are so many dream dictionaries out there and tons of websites, but it’s imperative to recognize that your dreams are intensely personal. What a symbol means differs from person to person because of our own experiences and the meanings we attribute to those symbols as a result. 

A wedding dream could be a reflection of your desires, and a reflection another’s anxieties. You may love bats and another person may find them terrifying and that matters in understanding wedding and bats in the context of a dream. 

So here’s what I recommend if you want to become a fantastic interpreter of your dreams: 

  • Write them down

Yep, start a dream journal and write down what happens. Every single detail you can remember. And don’t worry about it if your memory of a dream is fragmented. You can gain a lot from fragments. 

  • Word Association

Pick out all the nouns and word associate with them. What comes to mind when you think of a car, a dog, a lamp, etc. 

  • Highlight the actions 

What were you doing? What were the active parts of your dream? If you were driving the car, for example, would that indicate to you that you’re in control? Or were you in the drivers seat and the car was sliding backward and you couldn’t stop it? Fear of failure, maybe? Or were you riding in the car while someone else drove? Letting someone else call all the shots? Etc.

  • Pay attention to the emotional atmosphere 

What did you feel like in the dream? Was there anxiety, joy, liberation, sadness, anger, etc? These emotions are a signpost to emotions you may not be consciously paying attention to in your waking life. Taking the time to recognize them will help you resolve them. 

So, what have you been dreaming lately? Do you have any dreams that have been bothering you? Comment below 💜

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