Connecting Tarot with Music: The Star

I’m pretty excited to start this blog new series on understanding and connecting with tarot through music! I’m an avid advocate for learning tarot intuitively and I think this is a great exercise to help you.

So, the Star! I know, who starts with card number 17 in the major arcana? Well, I do.

To me, the Star is all about following your own inner guidance and being flamboyantly you with the belief that everything is going to work out. You’re connected to your intuition and to your higher power and you’re moving through life according to that connection. There’s balance, hope, and trust as well as a kick-ass individuality.

This is the song that I picked to go with this card (a fittingly flamboyant acid-jazz-funk band)

What song would you choose to go with this card based on what you see in it?

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