Setting New Moon Intentions 

I usually write a post every month about setting new moon intentions in alignment with whatever zodiac sign the new moon is in at the time. I’ve decided it’s time now for a comprehensive overview on setting potent intentions.

The moon travels through each zodiac sign throughout the year, and each new moon you can utilize the energy by aligning your intentions with whatever sign the new moon is in at the time. I recommend picking up New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller as a reference. Her book contains a table of each new moon through the year 2050 and covers many different areas of what she calls “new moon wishes.” (I call them intentions, she calls them wishes).
Setting new moon intentions is a simple process that can help you achieve new direction, attract what you want to you, and help you grow. For these intentions to be effective you’ll have to work on yourself by dealing with the subconscious, underlying attitudes and beliefs that have been limiting you. For example, if you want a specific career but underneath it all don’t really believe you can have that career, that underlying belief that you can’t really have what you want will sabotage you.

Learning the art of suspending skepticism is paramount to opening those mystical doors and giving your dreams space to grow. I learned about this years ago when I participated in The Artist’s Way, which is a program and book created by Julia Cameron to help you recover your inner artist and creativity. Practice having an open mind. Practice believing that what you want could happen. The brilliance of suspending skepticism is that you’re acknowledging it while also saying, “I’m going to put this skepticism on hold for a while” and that seems to be an agreement that your inner skeptic is ok with making.

So, yes, deal with your beliefs. Learn to suspend skepticism. You can even set intentions around being able to suspended skepticism.

If you’re not sure what intentions to set, I recommend a tarot reading to uncover where to start. When I was first trying to change my financial situation and I was setting intentions, the intentions weren’t working out how I hoped. So I did a reading and it showed me that I needed to deal with some attitudes/heart issues with money first before I could see any progress. I set my next intentions around releasing the atttiudes and beliefs that were unhealthy and holding me back and that paved the way for me.

A tarot reading can help you discover what intentions to set based on where you’re at right now. It’s ok if all of your intentions end up being about releasing attitudes and beliefs. Those intentions are potent and get the ball rolling for you to move forward with a clear path. The tarot reading may also show you something you hadn’t considered. Using tarot to inform your intentions is a way of knowing yourself better so that you can set intentions that reflect your truth and what you really desire deep down.

In addition to all the advice above, it’s generally recommended that to set potent intentions you should:

  • Handwrite your intentions
  • Write no more than ten intentions a month
  • Be crystal clear on what it is you want
  • Pay attention throughout the month and practice gratitude when you see materialization
  • Write intentions that feel totally authentic to you

I’m a big believer in doing what works. If you’re setting intentions that don’t reflect your heart and what you really want, they won’t catalyze (which is a mercy). I’ve had my intentions fail before but overall, it has been my experience that this ritual works.

So, do you write New Moon intentions every month? Have they worked for you? Share your experiences in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Setting New Moon Intentions 

  1. I have written new moon intentions every new moon , I even do full moon banishing. Some have manifested to what I want and some have not. So tonight new moon I’m going to take you advice and put that into my new moon ritual for me to start now with coming over mental obstacles I put on myself that shouldn’t be there.
    Thank you for this interesting informative read BB

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