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Tarot for the Full Moon in Virgo 

If you’ve followed my blog or read my posts over time you’ll notice I’m a fan of observing the new moons and full moons especially for tarot readings. I appreciate the lunar cycle in many ways. I am not an adept astrologer, in fact I can’t even call myself a novice, but I know a minuscule amount. I know enough to allow it to inform my readings.

Virgo rules employment, work, jobs, health (especially physical), organization and order. 

The full moon is a time of completion and release. Tarot readings designed to help you harness abundance, gain wisdom on achieving goals, and release habits and modes of thought that limit you are wonderful for this time. This particular full moon may have you reviewing what does and doesn’t flow in your work life, health issues, or even thinking of more efficient means of organization. 

You could do a tarot reading centered around the question: “what is no longer working for me in my career?” A simple three card spread for this question will do, and you can pull three additional cards for advice. 

You could do a tarot reading centered around the question: “how can I improve my health?” You can organize the cards in this reading like steps. The first card would be your current state of health, and the following three cards are advice cards on improving. So it would look like this: 




Do your best to stay sane as we deal with the heightened Virgo energy (read: nitpicking- no offense my Virgo friends), and make the most of what’s available to you. 💜

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