Seeing Synchronicity 

“Synchronicity: a meaningful coincidence of two or more events where something other than the probability of chance is involved.”- Carl Jung 

It was perhaps three weeks ago when I was thinking about new ways to get the word out about my tarot services locally. I had some passing thoughts and ideas, some of which I followed up on and some of which I tabled. One idea I had which I tabled was the idea of a radio interview.

Last Sunday I spent the day at a pop-up market selling some handcrafted items I made. I posted a sign that read Ask me about Tarot along with a sign-up sheet for the newsletter I offer, as well as business cards for customers to take with them. Lo and behold, one of the radio hosts for a local station (106.9, KROC), Danielle Teal, stopped in to check out the market to shop and write a piece on it. 

She stopped by my table and told me she wanted to follow up with me about my tarot business, and on Friday I was on the radio being interviewed by her! So, how is it that a thought I shared with no one became a reality a week later? Synchronicity. Synchronistic events happen to us all the time in big and small ways, many of which fly under the radar. This was too big miss. 💜 

By the way, Danielle gave me the opportunity to read for her and graciously posted a video with a peak into her reading which you can view here, on the KROC website. What an experience!

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