The Suit of Pentacles and Relationships

If you’re familiar with tarot, you’ll know that the suit of Cups typically applies to emotions/relationships, the suit of Wands usually applies to spirit/creativity/actions, the suit of Swords to mental states/thoughts/communication, and the suit of Pentacles to work/finances. 

So what happens when you do a reading for a relationship and it comes up all Pentacles? The first time this happened to me I stared at the cards, my previous disposition to their meanings null and void. Practicing tarot certainly keeps me from fixed, mental ruts. The truth is that tarot is as fluid as life. We like our categories and our boxes, but just like people, tarot doesn’t really fit neatly into those categories and boxes. 

When you draw Pentacles for a relationship it can mean many things especially depending on the other cards in the spread and the deck that you use. The purpose of this post is to give some preliminary ideas of the suit of Pentacles applied to relationships. These interpretations are based on my favored deck, the Joie De Vivre Tarot. It’s by no means exhaustive but hope you find it helpful! 

Ace of Coins: newer relationship with a solid foundation. Generosity within relationship. One foot on the ground (not getting carried away). The honeymoon beginning with solid roots. 

Two of Coins: fast moving relationship, juggling partners, juggling responsibilities, need for balance in relationship

Three of Coins: Cooperation, friendship, common relationship goals, being on the same page, same intentions, commitment.

Four of Coins: stability, protection, possibly possessiveness, guarded feelings, emotional stinginess, balanced feelings, not ruled by emotion. 

Five of Coins: Fear of intimacy, deprivation of intimacy, relationship drought or rut, disconnection, disassociation, the consequences of volatile fighting.

Six of Coins: Generosity, good boundaries, sharing love, kindness, proper balance of give and take, compassion, friendship. 

Seven of Coins: Taking time to reflect on the relationship, reaping the benefits (+} sour fruits) of the work you have (or haven’t) put into the relationship, taking a break from a relationship, awareness of getting back what’s been put in. 

Eight of Coins: commitment, working through the tough times, faith in the relationship, care, attentiveness, possibly need for balance if actual work is obscuring the relationship, perhaps warning of neglect. 

Nine of Coins: single living, gratitude, sharing, taking a vacation together, interdependence, having your own life and interests separate from your lover, working on yourself, cultivating passion, attaining relationship goals. 

Ten of Coins: Family, finding your tribe, children, sharing resources, taking the next step in the relationship, could indicate a family business and issues surrounding that, abundance and satisfaction in relationship. 

Page of Coins: A new relationship, fun, children, a fresh start. Possibly a younger lover. Could indicate immaturity in one or both partners. Could indicate the need for fun and lightening up. Spending time with friends. 

Knight of Coins: stability, someone you can count on, taking relationship responsibilities seriously, someone who keeps their word, a relationship getting more serious, emotional and physical safety. 

Queen of Coins: Nurturing the relationship, protectress, a sensual and mature woman, the matriarch (of a family or friend group), wife, emotional generosity, exquisite kindnes, romance, someone in touch with emotions and is expressive. 

King of Coins: Stable home, a provider, a generous and mature man, the patriarch (of a family or friend group), husband, emotional abundance, taking great care to create the best possible relationship/life, effort, romance. 

(Images in this post are from the Joie De Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy, published by US Games). 

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