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February New Moon Reading

I decided to do a new moon reading for advice for all of us on bringing more joy into our lives! Interestingly enough I pulled the 3 of Wands, 6 of Wands, and 9 of Wands. The number 3 indicates initial goals and achievements, 6 is the number of balance and cooperation, and 9 is the number of fruition and attainment. All Wands indicates that applying your individual creativity to your life is key to living joyfully. 

There is also an overarching message of the joy that comes from having faith in yourself. Give yourself credit for what you bring to the table. Celebrate victories big and small. Refuse to compromise on what is important to you. Trust yourself and believe in your vision for your life. 

There’s no room for self-doubt. There’s only room for gratitude and faith in your ability to meet the challenges that come your way. We live in culture that is dominated by the idolatry of logic, but it’s equally important to know what your heart has to say if you’re going to act out of your own truth. Living true to yourself is essential to joy. 

Don’t forget that joy comes from within. This reading wasn’t meant to just give you advice, but to prompt you to consider what makes you feel joyful. What clues does this reading give you on how you can enjoy your life more? 

Don’t forget: we all live out our joy in our own ways. Forget the comparison trap. You’re you, and that’s enough. 💜

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