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My Personal Full Moon Tarot Reading

In my last blog post I stated that I would be posting my personal full moon reading on the evening of the full moon, which is today and now. My three card reading answers my question of what message there is for me at the moment. Below is my reading.

Death rides on a bat toward a vortex with a bright star in the center. She is looking backward while being carried forward on the back of the creature of the night. She looks a little sad as she holds onto her flower, a promise of life. Bats do actually have eyesight you know, as well as mythical significance. They symbolize death and rebirth, they are guardians of the night and guides for the shadows. 

The Death card symbolizes what I have been experiencing lately and what I alluded to in my last post. There has been deep, real, and painful change afoot for me for a while. There is comfort in this card, the comfort of knowing that the only real constant in life is change. There is promise for the future. I’ve been letting go for what feels like forever now. There are many things I’m sorrowful about, but I’m clutching the hope of something better to come. I don’t always feel like I’m moving forward especially when it comes to the process of releasing. I’ve been giving myself the time and space to mourn and while I’ve been in that space I’ve been carried forward by an unseen force, and my progress is only clear in hindsight. 

The Seven of Wands pictures a dapper man holding his wand of victory as he stands atop a hill, untouched by the crabby, jealous, and controlling trolls-I mean villagers-below. He looks happy with his cute, colorful and eclectic outfit. He’s focused on his path despite the haters below. He lets himself be different. He is an image of victory. 

The Seven of Wands is an assurance to me that I will come through this period of mourning stronger and more resilient. There is fortitude present in me. I am able to rise above the struggles that weighed me down for so long. There is victory over the voices of the past that echoed in my head. In reality it just doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, whether or not they get my vision or my truth. I’m coming through these changes with a stronger sense of self and I just won’t be giving the time of day to the mental reels of past discouragements or to those who would rather not see me succeed in living well in all ways. 

The Eight of Coins is a foxy magician, hanging out over his cauldron and making things happen. Coins line his hat and the tree branches around him, but he’s focused on the work he is manifesting. 

The Eight of Coins indicates work and wellbeing. There is focus on creating something worthwhile with my personal power, something new. There is the focus needed to make it happen and the understanding of connectivity to aid me. All that I need is available to me- represented by the Pentacles without (outward resources) and the creative power within (represented by the cauldron). This card indicates the need to take my time and that I have the determination to see all things through. It is also a card I identify well with, as I am both a kitchen witch as well as an artisan. The fox indicates that the change experienced (Death) and fortitude to follow my vision unencumbered (Seven of Wands) give way to an unconventional but effective way of achieving the vision I have for myself (Eight of Coins) and that I have the inner resources to make it so. 

Taken as a whole, the message for me this full moon is one of encouragement for my personal and professional progress. I am on the right track. I am still enduring pivotal personal changes, but my footing is becoming more sure, and there is promise in the work I am putting in which extends beyond the personal and enhances my vocational work.  I am stronger and more focused, healthier, because of these changes, and this is beginning to show. 

(Images in this post are from the Joie De Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy, published by US Games). 

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