I’ve decided to revamp this blog to focus more intently on tarot. There will still be some magick-related ramblings as well I’m sure. In any case, the full moon is on February 10th in the sign of Leo. 

Full moons are a time of release and completion. I don’t know where you’re at in life, but I’ve had a head start on the whole “full moon release” thing. Leo rules the self, relationships, and career. It’s a fire sign so it also rules ideas and the ego. In the major arcana, Leo is the sign related to the Strength card. 

(Joie de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy)

Strength also happens to be my soul card and personality card. Leo has an indomitable will. The Strength card is about perseverance and victory through compassion. The woman is strong in compassion and conquers through gentleness. She is at peace with the beast. This can refer to coming to terms with your shadow self and also holds lessons for dealing with the world. In any case, this card has many lessons and meditating on it is advised. 

When I read tarot I rarely used spreads with fixed positions. For this full moon I will do a three card spread with the intention of finding out what I need to know on this full moon.  I’ll be posting the reading on the tenth. If you prefer a fixed position reading, you could ask the same question with the left card representing what is hidden, the middle card representing what is clear, and the final, right card representing what is the the lesson. 

Cheers loves! ❤



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