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I have moments of clairvoyance and claircognizance, clairaudience occurs when I read tarot, but clairsentience is the most consistent phenomenon in my life. You already know if you’ve developed any of these innate abilities in yourself.

I’ve learned a few things about living with clairsentience that have become building blocks for growing my other abilities as well as the foundation for being at peace with what can otherwise feel like extreme sensory overload.

Clairsentience is the ability to feel clearly the energies and information (emotions, etc) of other people as well as places, objects, and the spirit realm. Being empathic is a form of clairsentience, but the range of the ability (how much you can feel clearly, to what extent) depends on the person. I am an empath who can read the energy of others (even when they aren’t with me) as well as the energy of places, objects, so I know I experience full clairsentience.

What I’m writing about today focuses on using clairsentience in relation to other people. I mean, objects and places are pretty simple. Don’t like the energy? Leave. Objects and places don’t have the capacity for deception or nuance.

So the first rule of thumb is to pay attention. Sometimes I still go on autopilot and internalize the thoughts and feelings of others because I’m always reading energy whether I’m consciously aware of it or not. If you don’t pay attention you may find yourself totally depressed and exhausted and wondering why. When I’m conscious of the energy I read, I keep my boundaries. I know what is and isn’t mine. When you pick up on feelings or thoughts from others, name them, if only to yourself. This helps you to differentiate between what is yours and what is not yours. Recognize the incoming information, acknowledge it, and you will be better able to stay grounded in yourself.

The second rule of thumb is to trust yourself. As a rule, people lie. I really don’t mean to be cynical, but it’s true. People lie to themselves and they lie to each other but the truth always comes out in the end. When you trust the energy you’re reading over the words they’re saying, you won’t feel like you betrayed yourself when the truth finally does come out. Sometimes people aren’t even aware of the things that you’re aware of in them, sometimes you pick up on things that are ruminating in their unconscious.

These are the only two rules I have come up with based on my experiences, which is fitting because I’m not really about rules per se. These rules are pivotal to staying centered in yourself. I know that paying attention all the time can be a little tough. But it’s necessary. Being in the habit of examining the thoughts and feelings you experience is a cognitive tool that helps in other areas as well, like changing thought patterns in yourself that are unhealthy. It’s worthwhile to learn to pay attention to what’s going on inside as well as outside and to actively acknowledge what you’re taking in.

As a final note I do want to mention something that was an issue for me that might be an issue for you. How do you deal when you know someone is lying to you?

In these scenarios I have learned to look at clairsentience as a form of preparation. I know I’m being lied to and I have the chance to be prepared to deal when the truth comes out. You can also, you know, verify, if that’s in your capabilities depending on the scenario. Whatever you do, don’t discount your inner knowing. It can be really difficult to be in that space of knowing while someone is telling you the opposite. It can feel like a burden, it often feels like gaslighting (but it’s not because they don’t know you know). But if you ignore your knowing, then when the truth does come to a head you will recognize that you knew it all along and what did it really save you to have ignored yourself? Every time I trusted someone over my read of their energy I wished I hadn’t.

But to end on a happy and totally unrelated note, the new moon is coming up this week! I’ll be writing about that too! Oh, also, check out my my tarot services page if you’re interested in a reading.

Hugs and kisses and all that loveydovey stuff!


(The featured photo is one of my cats, Faye, pulling a Johnny Carson with an amethyst geode).

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