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Full Moon in Cancer 

The wound is the place where the light enters. -Rumi 

Today is the full moon in Cancer and it has much to teach us. Energy is amplified and emotions run higher than usual. Are you listening? 

The sting of a hurtful comment, the warmth of a loved ones embrace, the disappointment when things don’t go the way you think they should, the excitement of a new opportunity… Do you name and acknowledge the myriad emotions you feel? Do you acknowledge the emotions others inspire in you for better or worse? 

How are you showing yourself love and compassion? Are you at peace with yourself and your choices?

These are the questions Cancer asks. 

You might be asked by your spirit to acknowledge trauma and unhealthy patterns of relating so that you can heal and live a fuller life. Recognize your value.

Do some things for you. Exercise, eat your favorite dessert, take a long bath, cook yourself a delicious meal, paint your toenails. Speak kindly to yourself. Forgive yourself and others. Affirm your worth in word and deed. 

Sit in the light of the full moon and let yourself feel loved by the light that bathes you. Contemplate your openness to receiving love. 

There is healing to be had if you allow it. Take a deeper look. Pain is part of healing and healing is the ground for growth. 

Love to you on this full moon. ❤

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