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2017: The Year of The Wheel

There is much we can learn from the cycles of the natural world to aid us as we journey through this year, which is the year of The Wheel in Tarot.

If there is one thing we can count on in life, it’s that things change. This truth is highlighted, underscored, emboldened and italicized for this year. Each cycle and transition we go through offers it’s own lessons and nuggets of wisdom. The need to be present and grounded in the moment coupled with self-awareness will help you immensely this year as it is the key to growth and will allow you to recognize the opportunities presented to you.

I considered focusing on the global aspect of this message but I think that you will get more from the personal message. We just ended the year of the Hermit, which is number 9 in the Major Arcana of the tarot and a year or completion. Expect to tie up loose ends from 2016 in the beginning of this year as your lessons from last year solidify. 

Perhaps you began some endeavors last year that required a lot of research or were slow to get going. You may find that in addition to your hard work, diligence in seizing opportunities as they are presented, and the elbow grease of the universe, that these endeavors prosper. Since you can expect for things to change rapidly, it’s important to be focused on what you want to achieve in all aspects of your life and be prepared in order to recognize the right opportunities as they come along. 

This is also a year to learn and practice flexibility. Constant change teaches us to be flexible or to be broken. It all depends on how we respond to it. Being able to go with the flow and not get caught up in what you thought it was “supposed” to be like will make for a more peaceful year for you. Every action you take has consequences and all your actions added up shape your life. Be very aware of this and choose wisely. 

Don’t forget to honor the cycles and transitions in your life. Perhaps you begin a relationship, take a new job, start a new creative project, move to a new home. Whatever transitions you face or implement, take the time to say goodbye to what was and to honor what is and will be. Find the blessings in the changes you may not have felt you were prepared for, and may fortune smile upon you this year.

Stay warm and be blessed. 💜

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